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v3.5: Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate the Amigas 15th anniversary I've pulled out all the stops to bring over 15Mb of new material! The site has also been redesigned. Some of the changes are noticeable, others are not. The first thing you will not is that AiG now has a fancy Javascript front-end. If you have any comments or think you can do better email me.
Readers should also be aware that I am no longer providing the site as a download. Various individuals have attempted to steal the entire site and pass it as their own. Furthermore, if anyone finds a site that includes any of my material I would appreciate it if they would contact me. I spent a great deal of time, money, and resources on this site and I do not like the idea of someone stealing it.

The magazine section got a considerable update with new additions to the General and commercial Amiga magazine page. Six UK Amiga magazines were discovered: Rampage, Your Amiga, Amiga Mania, Amiga CD32 Magazine, Amiga Buyer's Guide & Amiga Fun. Rewrote the Amiga User International, The One Amiga, and Amiga Action pages to provide a more in-depth analysis of their history. The One Amiga feature is particularly in-depth examining the magazines' four epochs and its influences (ACE magazine). In a recent trip to Germany I also picked up several issues of Amiga Plus and Amiga Future.

For the first time in five years a new Amiga product has been released and many more have been announced. Rewrote the Amiga Dev Box page to reflect recent changes and added the Amiga SDK, additional info on the d'Amiga Workstation and AMIE Convergence devices. Several new press releases from  Amiga and US Digital have been listed in the Historical Documents section.

Finally included the A3500 Prototype on the list of unreleased machines. I have written this page at least three times and it always managed to become garbled, unreadable, or lost. Discovered an image of the CDTV-CR prototype on eBay. I guess the online auctions aren't that bad after all. (Moan, moan, outbid at the last second, grumble.) I also have something of a world exclusive - a prototype version of the CDA-1 and CDA-2. These was a pre-production version of the CDTV from May 1990. It clearly shows how the case design changed over the next few months. Also wrote a development timeline of the CDTV (from 'Baby' to CDTV) and CD32 (CD32 Development Timeline). You won't find these anywhere else on the net!
Also added better graphics of the triple-A chipset and labeled graphics of where the custom chips were located on the development board. Rewrote the page on the CD1200 prototype and added better images of the unit itself. Also included a page on the A4000 MPEG card.
In addition, I collected as much information as possible on the various Amiga portables and Amiga Set-top boxes that have been developed. This reveals a number of forgotten Amiga prototypes that never saw the light of day. Also discovered additional information and pictures of the A4000 Pre-production machine. Added 9 concept Amigas designed by various magazines. These can be found on the Magazine Amiga Concept page.

Discovered another early interview with Jay Miner and scanned it.

We're all going on a summer holiday, in the Amiga bus for a week or two....

Uncovered at least 30 US and UK adverts from the early 1990s, including a brief attempt to promote the Amiga in the educational market.

A few months ago Jason Compton was bemoaning the lack of celebrities that are associated with the Amiga (I think he just wants to get his hands on another Laura Longfellow). I've produced a photo gallery of some of the most famous celebrity associations through the Amigas history. Take a look at Celebrities and their Amigas.

The first update to the bundles list since v3.3 with the addition of four new (or old, if you want to look at it that way) official distributions- A500 "Your Imagination is the Limit", 'Flight of Fantasy', 'Batman Pack', 'Screen Gems', A1500 Starter Pack, Class of the 90's: First Steps, Air Miles, and rewrote Class of the 90's and Comic Relief page. New graphics added to many other Amiga bundles.

Additional information on the US & European Amiga 1000. More Amiga books An update to the discussion of Amiga logo designs and the addition of Stylized- 'A'. Also discovered alternative statistical information on the number of Amigas sold world-wide.

More Amiga Items, most notably some interesting CD32 merchandise and devices.

Incorporated Filip Kopec's A1200 Hardware Schematics.

Minor addition to the AmigaOS 3.1 page (adding different coloured disk sets), larger graphics for the A600 bundle, and extra links to Calum Tsang's Amiga Model Number page. Additional cartridge images of Mogul Maniac & the Powerstick have been added to give a better idea of its size. Also discovered an advert for the Virtual i-O glasses sold by Escom. Added Steven Franklin, Jeff Porter, Henri Rubin, Rick Glover, Dean Barrett, Terry Cooke, Brian Lavington, Alvin Stumpf, Barry Thurston, Steve White, Gail Wellington, Martin Chipperfield, Rahman Haleem, Peter Talbot & Jeff Earl to Commodore photo album, Fred Fish & Andy Davidson to the Other Famous People gallery, and Vince Pfeifer to the Amiga Corp. album.  Numerous images were added to the CDTV, A4000 & Magazines pages. I seem to be drowning in Joyboard photographs so I placed them on a separate page- Amiga Joyboard Box & Instructions page. Another Chelsea strip was added, emblazoned with the Commodore logo and an image of the sponsorship cheque itself. It can be found on the Commodore snippets page.

The Escom Commodore and Amiga page was redesigned so that it would load faster. Added links to the Amiga machine chronology to allow easier navigation. Rewrote the Quikpak Alpha-based AmigaOS, Direct Software PowerAmiga, Sun Microsystems A3000UX, CAOS, and Siamese PCI page. Every single page that is linked to the list of Prototypes has been modified to give an idea of when the projects were developed and by whom. Formatting was also sorted. The FAQ and Q&A pages have been altered to squeeze more information onto the screen. Added the original Commodore sponsorship photo of Chelsea FC and incorporated additional information. A must for football fans! Check it out on the Commodore Snippets page.

The BenchPress section got its first upgrade since v2.0. This was mostly aesthetic changes to alter formatting and turn certain sections into a table. It should be slightly easier to navigate. The Emote icon page has also been changed into a table.

The main logo has been darkened slightly to give it a more serious look. I have also got rid of the patterned backdrop in favour of a plain one. At the moment it looks rather sickly. When I have time I will change the graphics so that they look good on a white backdrop.

Followed new rules for Amiga web site and obtained permission to use the Amiga trademark and Boing Ball. I intend to use the words and logos as much as possible to get full use of the license. Every second word on the site will now be AMIGA or BOING.

Minor modifications to many other pages that I can't quite remember.



Last Update: 10/3/2002



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