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First issue release date: July 1990 Final issue release date: November 1990?
Publisher: Jengrove Enterprises Ltd Coverage: Games
Country published: United Kingdom No. of issues: 5?
Medium: Print and disk medium Status: Dead
Web Address: None

Rampage was a short-lived 'pamphlet' launched in July 1990 on the tail end of the commercial coverdisk game debate. Despite its commercial distribution the magazine had a distinct amateur 'feel'. Each issue consisted of a 16-page magazine and two coverdisks. The magazine was little more than a contents page for the coverdisk. This changed slightly in issue 4 which included a feature on the Tetbury-based game company, Microprose. This was followed by a report on the 1990 C.E.S. show.  The first disk contained the bulk of the magazine covering 5-10 games per issues, as well as regular features and tutorials. However, the main selling point was the second disk that featured a commercial game. This was usually one that had been released on budget a  year previous, such as the Star Wars games.

After a few months the magazine disappeared when the 16-bit industry imposed a self regulating ban upon commercial games on magazine coverdisks.

What did Rampage do for the Amiga scene?
Rampage is remembered as the 'Battlefield Earth' of Amiga magazines. Its existence was a warning to others on the unsavoury effects that commercial games could have on the market. Despite this, the magazine had considerable influence upon the Maverick-edition of The One Amiga.

View Rampage Issue 3 (72.7k)
View Rampage Issue 4 (72.9k)
View Rampage Issue 5 (73.1k)



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