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Amiga Future
First issue release date: June 1998 Final issue release date: Still Published
Publisher: APC & TCP Coverage: Games magazine
Country published: Germany No. of issues: 37+
Medium: Print Status: Alive
Web Address:
Amiga Future Homepage

In 1998, when no Amiga Games magazines were available in Germany, ICP Verlag decided to rename its Amiga Plus Spin-off Amiga Plus Sonderheft into "Amiga Future" and turn it into a Games magazine. The first issue was published in June 1998 (the first few issues were still subtitled "Amiga Plus Sonderheft"). The magazine was published by ICP, but it was completely created by APC&TCP, a former user group which had turned into a software publisher over the years.

This bimonthly publication is marketed towards a new generation of Amiga users- those who have purchased accelerators, memory, graphics cards and PPC processors. Although the magazine covers technical reviews it is primarily focussed towards games software, distinguishing it from its main competitor, Amiga Plus.

The magazine has taken the unusual step of distributing commercial games on the CoverCD, including Nemac IV, Capital Punishment, and Wendetta. This is interesting when considering the argument that it will reduce existing software sales of more recent titles and lead to more developers leaving the market.

In January 2000, ICP left the Amiga market and sold all their publications to Falke Verlag. In September 2000, Falke sold the title to APC&TCP, who are now publishing it on their own. Amiga Future is available through subscription/mailorder only.

View Issue 24 Cover (76.3K) | View Issue 34 Cover (88K) | View Issue 35 (80K) | View Issue 37 Cover (88K)


Last Update: 8/8/2002


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