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Amiga Gallery

A gallery of images depicting Amiga hardware, clothing, and a myriad of memorabilia.

Amiga Hardware & software
Amiga Clothing
Amiga Vehicles
Promotional Material
Amiga Video tapes
Amiga Stickers
Amiga Accessories
Miscellaneous Amiga Memorabilia

Amiga Hardware & Software

Amiga 1000 Keyboard
The first Amiga had an unusual keyboard that was designed to fit into a garage slot underneath the machine. The Help key present in later Amigas is also missing.
View Keyboard (27.8k)

Amiga 2000 Keyboard
By 1987 Commodore had settled for a more familiar design to the Amiga keyboard. This should be used as comparison with the above image.
View Keyboard (26.5k)

A3000 Keyboard
The 3rd keyboard design refined the look of the A2000 model to create a unique design.
View Keyboard (13.3k)

Amiga 2000 XT bridgeboard
IBM XT on a Zorro card. Designed for the A2000.
View bridgeboard (19k)

A1010 Drive
Official external DD disk drive for the A1000.
View Drive- front (14.5k) | View Drive - angle (12.6k)

Miner Mouse
Amiga mouse signed by Jay Miner at the Amiga-Messe show in German on 11th November 1989.
Amiga Mouse, signed by Jay Miner (10k)

RJ Mical's A1010 drive
An early prototype model of the A1010 drive. Note the boing ball logo to the left of the drive. This was later replaced by the Commodore checkmark.
View drive (103k)

A1010 drive autographed by Dave Haynie
Amiga A-1010 3.5" external floppy disk sold by Harv of Amiga Zone.
View drive (12k)

External 5/14 floppy drive
Amiga were never sold with 5/14 disk drives as standard. Commodore distributed the drive for use with the Transformer PC emulator.
Drive & software (21.6k) | Drive- Front (10.7k) | Drive- Angle (10.5k)

Amiga 1680 Modem
Amiga 1680 modem originally designed for the A1000. Who needs ADSL when you can surf the net at a 1200 baud rate.
Modem and box (22k) | 1680 modem (32.4k) | 1680 serial number (5.6k)

| Amiga Term and manual (22k)

Amiga RS1200 Modem
Amiga branded modem for extra slow connection rate.
View Modem (13.2k) View Box (28k)

Q-Link Modem
AOL are more recently known to Amiga users as the new name of the MCC but back in the 1980s they were better known for a dial up environment called Q- Link. It was used almost exclusively  by Commodore users and enthusiasts.
View Packaging (31.9k)

14,400 Baud modem
Amiga branded 14kbps modem.
View modem (15k) View box (20k)

Amiga Mouse
Standard Amiga mouse shipped with 16-bit Amiga systems.
View Mouse (20k)

Commodore Amiga 500- Special Edition
Special edition of the A500 which commemorates the "European Computer of the Year" award, shown through a brass coloured plate.
View A500 Special Edition (36.7k)

Amiga 520 Video adapter
A520 Video Adapter for use with the A500 computer, allowing the video to be connected to any television.
A520- Front, above (10.5k) | A520- Close up (6.25k) | A520- Above (5.67k) | A520- Packaging (13k)

Amiga 2010
The follow up to the A1010 3.5" disk drive. This has a sleeker, more compact design.
View disk drive (3.18k)

Commodore 1352 Mouse for Amiga or PC-III
In a moment of cost-cutting Commodore realised they could save money by including the standard Amiga mouse with their 8088 PC-III range. Includes Microsoft bus compatible drivers.
View Original Packaging (23.2k)

CDTV Burn-In #2 test CD-ROM
Over the years Commodore produced a number of items for internal use only. Over the years former employees or dumpster divers have managed to get their hands on such items, including the Commodore CDTV Burn-In #2 test CD-ROM (Orange Label), of which only 2,000 copies were produced. The CD-ROM was used for production testing in Japan, continuously cycle the machines through a predetermined set of tests while the machines were "burned in" after assembly.
View CDTV Test CD (10.2k)

CDTV Remote Control
A common sight for old time Amiga users but interesting for the new. The CDTV was styled after the video recorder allowing it to be integrated into the living room.
View Control (18.7k)

CDTV Trackball
A more unusual item was the CDTV wireless trackball (Model No. CD - 1200). This was one of many devices promised for the CDTV that would have established it as a living room multimedia box.
View Trackball (7.59k)

Commodore CD1300/1301
Official Commodore CDTV Genlock.
This unit will, by pressing the 'GENLOCK' button on the CDTV remote, pass a video signal through from 'Comp-Video In' to either video outs(Video Mode), display Amiga Graphics only (CDTV Mode), or Overlay the Amiga Graphics on top of the incoming 'LIVE' video signal (Overlay Mode). In the Overlay Mode, Palette color Zero becomes transparent. Create your own graphics and put them over 'LIVE' video.
CD1300 Box (39.2k) | CD1301 Box (23.1k) | Device (27.2k) | Device, box and instructions (51k)

Commodore CD1401
A 64k memory card for the CDTV.
View memory (17.3k)

Amiga 2090 & 2091 controller cards
Two Amiga 2000 controller cards - the original Amiga 2090 card (top) can only be booted from floppy, it does not have Boot ROMs. The second is an Amiga 2091 controller, fitted with v37.60 EPROMs. These photographs are taken from Dave Haynie's private collection.
View cards (37.4k)

Amiga 286 bridgeboard cards
A set of three Amiga 2000 bridgeboard cards (A2286). The first (top) is a Rev 2 board, built in Germany, with what looks to be 256K of memory on-board. The second and third cards are both US-made Rev 3 boards, each with 512K of memory. None of them have the math chip installed. These photographs are taken from Dave Haynie's private collection.
View cards (60.5k)

Amiga 2410 graphics card
An Amiga 2410 graphics card, also called the University of Lowell card, since it was designed by Rich Miner's group at the University of Lowell. This is a graphics card for the Zorro II expansion bus, based on the Texas Instruments 34010 graphics processor.
View card (21k)

Haynie's Junque - Collection 1
On the top left, we have an Amiga 3000 analyzer card. This has a 68030 on it, a clock circuit, and a bunch of strip-post headers. The main use of this board was to allow a logic analyzer to attach to the Amiga 3000's local bus, as an aid to both hardware and software debugging.

Next is the Amiga 2300 Genlock. This is the one that sits inside the machine, in the video slot of an Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000. There's some debate if any of them really worked; I preferred the SuperGen when I did that sort of thing.

The lower board is the Commodore/Amiga scan converter, similar to Pete Silverstone's "flickerFixer". This one is based on the same Amber chip used in the Amiga 3000. It would be used in the Amiga 2000's video slot (same place the Genlock goes). I don't know if these ever worked on the Amiga 4000; they certainly wouldn't translate the A4000's 24-bit color, it's strictly a 12-bit device.
Photos and text by Dave Haynie.
View cards (31k)

Haynie's Junque - Collection 2
The next board is a Great Valley Products PhonePak. This apparently turned your Amiga into an intelligent answering machine.

The last board is a Zorro II protoboard from Interactive Video Systems. This has a programmable AUTOCONFIG(tm) circuit on-board.
View cards (40k)

Amiga Light Gun
Despite numerous attempts the light gun never really caught on. This is one of around 5 models launched during the late 1980s. Connection is via the joystick port.
View Light Gun (7.3k)

Amiga X-Specs 3D
An attempt at 3D specs marketed by Haitex during the early 1990s. The 3D LCD Shutter glasses are connected via a standard DB-9 adapter.
X-Specs 1 (20.4k) | X-Specs 2 (7.52k)

Unix System V Release 4 Beta 3J
A beta version of the Commodore produced implementation of Unix for the Amiga. It shipped on a QIC-150 tape rather than the more traditional disk format, requiring a SCSI QIC tape drive.
View manual and tape (48.3k)

Amiga CD32 Controller
Six button controller shipped with the CD32.
View Joypad (9.73k)

Amiga CD32 FMV cartridge
Just before Commodore went into liquidation they released an FMV cartridge for the CD32. This allowed it to play Video CDs. Around 100,000 of these items were made. Now they are as difficult to find as gold dust.
View CD32 FMV (9.87k)

Amiga CD32 Demo Disk
Toward the end of their lifespan, Commodore realised that the image of an Amiga boot screen in most shop windows was a major detractor from their products. To avoid this they bundled a demonstration disc (v2.0) for display purposes. This was only used by the small independent computer shops, larger stores ignored the disc altogether.
View disc (10.9k)

Amiga CD32 Television Interactive
A rather unusual 3rd party device for use with American CD32s. The TVI  provided the CD32 with home banking facilities using a television and phone line. Included is the remote control, modem, phone cord and line splitter.
View CD32 TVI (18.6k)

Cloanto Personal Paint 7 CD
A limited edition PPaint 7 released on the miniature CD. Compact disc approximately half the size of a normal CD and only capable of holding around 60Mb.
View Compact Disc (26.2k)

AmigaOS version 3.1
Kickstart 3.1 was the final version of AmigaOS released by Commodore and still forms the basis of most modern Amiga. It became available just before Commodore went into liquidation and will form the basis of the proposed AmigaOS 3.5 software upgrade. For around £35 the Kickstart upgrade is available with ARexx and AmigaDOS manuals, Kickstart 3.1 chip/s designed specifically for your machine and five Workbench 3.1 disks.
View cover design (51.9k)

Amiga Developers CD
One of the many frustrations of Amiga programmers was the relative difficulty of getting development documents on the Amiga. Amiga Technologies attempted to rectify this by releasing the official Amiga developers CD. The latest 1.2 edition includes documentation on CATS and IFF standards, as well as a number of third party APIs and the sought after hardware, devices, and libraries manuals in AmigaGuide. The best place to get developer information for the Amiga.
CD 1.1 case design (10.4k) | 1.2 CD case design (26.2k)

Amiga Forever
The official Amiga software emulator from Cloanto Italia. The only place to get an OFFICIAL version of the Kickstart ROMs and Workbench disks.
View cover design | Amiga Forever page (Local link)

White Amiga Designer Mouse
The official Amiga "designer" mouse with pretty Amiga logo.
View Image (12k)

Black Amiga Designer Mouse
New style Amiga mouse with pretty Amiga logo.
View Image (3.64k) | View larger image (19.7k)

WordPerfect 4.1
The final version of WordPerfect to appear on the Amiga.
View front (14K) View back (22K)


Amiga Clothing

Commodore Bag
White Commodore bag available during the mid-1980s.
View bag (54k)

Commodore Shirt
Petro may be the master of the wearable Amiga but Commodore got there first! This blue shirt was a US import made from 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton.
View Commodore Shirt (21k)

Amiga Wake. April 4th, 1987 R.I.P
T-shirt to mourn the cancellation of the original Amiga, the A1000. Thanks to John Foust.
View T-shirt (63k)

Amiga T-Shirt- Gives you the Creative Edge
Another T-Shirt, this time advertising the Amiga. It is made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton
View close up (17.6k) | View T-Shirt (11k)

Amiga 'Make up Your own Mind' T-shirt
The T-shirt is emblazoned with the US Amiga slogan, 'Make up your own mind'. On the back is written, 'Amiga. For the creative mind' It is made from 50% cotton / polyester.
View T-shirt - front (15.5k) | View T-shirt - back (16.7k)

Shadow of the Beast T-shirt
A T-shirt that could be ordered after purchasing the game. The T-shirt shows early Roger Dean artwork.
View T-shirt (61.7k)

Commodore T-shirt
White Commodore T-shirt, mugs and other items.
View T-shirt (67k)

Newtek Flyer T-Shirt
A T-shirt advertising the Newtek Flyer.
View Flyer T-Shirt (8k)

Amiga DevCon 1986 T-shirt
T-shirt given to Amiga developers attending the 1986 developer conference in Monterey, California. This was the first true developer conference held after the public release of the Amiga. A frame from the famous RoboCity demo is printed in full color on the face of the shirt. Thanks to John Foust.
View T-shirt (97k)

Amiga Ami-Expo 1987 T-shirt
Ami-Expo T-shirt purchased at the first Ami-Expo in San Francisco in 1987. The graphic is produced in Deluxe Paint. Thanks to John Foust.
View t-shirt (51.9k)

Amiga DevCon 1988 T-shirt
T-shirt given to Amiga developers who attended the 1988 developer conference in Washington, DC. Thanks to John Foust.
View T-shirt (100k)

Amiga DevCon 1989 T-shirt
T-shirt given to Amiga developers who attended the 1989 developer conference in San Francisco. Thanks to John Foust.
View T-shirt (107k)

Amiga DevCon 1990 bag
A rubberized cloth bag given to Amiga developers who attended the 1990 developer conference in Atlanta, GA.  The design features a Georgia peach styled to appear like the AmigaBoing ball. It was intended to hold conference notes. Thanks to John Foust.
View bag (112k)

CDTV T-shirt
A black t-shirt promoting the Commodore CDTV.
View T-shirt - Front (90k) | View T-shirt - Back (105k)

Video Toaster T-shirt
White Video Toaster t-shirt from the 1990 Newtek Expo and Amiga convention. It is autographed by Laura Longfellow.
View T-shirt (30K)

Chelsea Sponsorship: 1993 - 1995
In 1987, Commodore UK negotiated a £1.25 million sponsership deal with Chelsea Football club. At the time this was the largest amount of money that any UK football team had received from a single sponsorship deal. The team strip was made by Umbro, it has the Umbro label in the collar and also on the right chest(velveteen). On the left chest is the club crest (sewn) and a large sponsors logo C= AMIGA (velveteen) is across the midriff.

The original sponsership photo (92.7k) | The cheque itself (16.3k) | Commodore team strip (18.5k) | Amiga team strip (9k) | Larger team strip (82k) | The team in action (9k) | Yellow away strip (21k)

Amiga Check mark shirt
Long sleeved t-shirt emblazened with the Amiga check mark logo. Thanks to Johm Foust.
View t-shirt (95.9k)

Amiga DevCon 1993 bag
A cloth bag given to Amiga developers who attended the 1993 developer conference in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to John Foust.
View bag (93k)

Amiga DevCon 1993 T-Shirt
Bright red T-shirt given to Amiga developers who attended the 1993 developer conference in Orlando, Florida. The t-shirt print shows an Amiga 'boing ball' sunrise, located behind a palm tree scene. Thanks to John Foust.
View T-shirt (117k)

Amiga Baseball Cap
The "new"-style Amiga logo on a baseball hat, once given away by Commodore as a promotion. Thanks to John Foust.
View cap (88k)

Amiga First Amiga User Group (FAUG) T-shirt
Official T-shirt of the First Amiga User Group. It was given to John Foust by Paul Montgomery, FAUG founder. Paul later went on to join NewTek and promote the Video Toaster, and after that, founded Play and promoted Snappy and Trinity. He died of a heart attack in 2000.
View T-shirt (95k)

Amiga Guru Meditation T-shirt
Official CA-AUG T-shirt (the Cleveland Area Amiga User Group). It features a guru-like swami face and a Guru Meditation alert at the top. Thanks to John Foust.
View T-shirt (97k)

Lemmings 2 T-shirt
black T-shirt printed with the Lemmings 2 artwork
View T-shirt (640k)

ProDraw bag
Black cloth bag emblazened with the GoldDisk and ProDraw logo. Thanks to John Foust.
View bag- Front (117k) | View bag - Back (55k)

Sew-on Amiga badge
Leatherette Sew-On Badge previously offered on eBay.
View badge (21k)

Amiga Sweater
White sweater featuring the Amiga check mark.
View Sweater (24k)

Commodore Amiga: Der Millionar
Specially produced Amiga sew-on celebrating the one millionth Amiga sold.
View badge (21.6k)

No Risc, No Fun
Specially produced T-shirt produced by No Risc, No Fun.
View T-shirt (21k)

Commodore bag
White cloth bag emblazened with the Commodore logo. Thanks to John Foust.
View bag (105k)

Amiga CD32 Polo shirt
Commodore Amiga CD 32 black polo shirt made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton. The CD32 logo is located on the left breast. Thanks to John Foust.
View Shirt (4.73k)

Commodore Deathbed Vigil T-shirt
The t-shirt was commissioned for Dave Haynie's Commodore bankruptcy video. The eject symbol is on the front signifies the end of the company, while the back shows the signatures of former Commodore developers.
View Bankruptcy T-Shirt (48k)

Pianeta Amiga T-shirt
T-shirt produced for the Pianeta Amiga 1999 show.
View T-shirt (22k)

X-Files inspired Amiga T-shirt
A black T-shirt designed by Amiga artist, Christopher Holt, during the Gateway/Amiga period is inspired by the hit TV show, the X Files.
View T-Shirt (21k)

Amiga Ribbed T-Shirt
"When a basic T-shirt isn't enough, but a sport shirt is too much, consider these rib textured T-shirts. The heavyweight fabric is made from 6.5 ounce, 100% combed cotton. These dressed up Ts are also finished with a double needle sleeve and bottom hem for an obvious step up in quality and style." ($16)
Ribbed T-shirt (59.1k)

Childs Denim Shirt
Blue denim shirt emblazoned with the Boing Ball logo.
Denim Shirt (73k)

Amiga Knit Polo Shirt
100% combed cotton 6.5 ounces, checkerboard welt collar and cuffs, horn tone buttons, double needle bottom hem. ($26- 33)
Knit Polo shirt (72.3k)

Fleece Vest
Amiga Reversible Fleece vest comes in Red & Black colours. ($46 - 53 based upon size).
Fleece vest (78.2k)

Red Fleece Blanket
Snuggle down in this cozy R-Tek fleece blanket. It has an anti-pill finish and a contrasting blanket stitch. ($34 each)
Fleece blanket (66.5k)

Amiga Leather Jacket
Made of soft, top grain leather, this authentic bomber jacket has a smooth finish. It has an action back allowing for ease of movement and inside it's fully lined with quilted nylon for ultimate comfort. A storm placket for seamless styling and weather protection covers the front zipper and snaps. Pockets are found inside and out, and elastic cuffed sleeves are adjustable with snaps. The waistband is elastic for true bomber style. (Price varies between $240 - 274)
Leather Jacket (59.4k)

Amiga Denim Shirt
This Port & Company button-down denim shirt has quality and value woven right in. The fabric is 6.5 ounce, 100% cotton. ($26 - $30 depending upon size)
Denim shirt (26.6k)

Amiga Jersey
100% cotton 6.5 ounce jersey, dyed-to-match buttons, double needle sleeve hem, serge stitched bottom hem. Available in black and grey styles. ($25 - 29 depending upon size)
Jersey (61.2k)

Amiga Wool Blend Baseball Cap
Black cap ($11)
Baseball cap (63.8k)

Amiga 2k T-shirt
T-shirt promoting the Amiga 2000 in St. Louis.
View T-shirt (49k)

Software Failure
In  a move that validates the Amiga 'Guru Meditation' as the ultimate geek chic, Errorwear, (a US company famed for their computer error message T-shirts) has produced a T-shirt adorned with the Amiga crash message.
View T-shirt (26.6k)

MorphOS T-shirt
A free T-shirt given away to anyone who sat down at various computing shows and tried a MorphOS machine. Thanks to Rich (and the elusive 'Budda') for providing this image.
View T-shirt (69k)

MorphOS football shirt
In a move that sparked comparisons with Commodore's sponsership of the Chelsea football club, the MorphOS team sponsered a football team of 11 and 12 years old boys in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Although the economics differ between the two teams, the enthusiasm with which they play the game does not. The black football strip prominantly features the MorphOS butterfly logo (announced: 16th September 2002).
View T-shirt- Front (68k) | View T-shirt- Back (108k) | View Sponsorship advert (98k)

Commodore Teddy bear
A retro Commodore T-shirt. No teddy bear should be without one!
View T-shirt (11k)

'Powered by Amiga users' cap
Cotton Twill Decorative 5-panel baseball style cap. Logo features 200+thread per inch. Cap available in black, white & red for $10.00 each. Available from the Amiga Mall in late 2002.
View cap (21k)

'Powered by Amiga users' shirt
Cotton sport shirt emblazoned with the 'Powered by Amiga users' logo. Pearl buttons and a double needle bottom hem. Three versions are available - black, white & racing stripes - in extra large size for just $25.
View shirt (32k)

Amiga logo shirt
Black sport shirt emblazoned with the Amiga company brand logo. 100% Ring Spun Cotton 7.0 oz Full cut body & Sleeves Ribbed Cuffs 2" Drop Tail 3 Button. Available in XXL large, X-large, large & medium for $27.
View shirt (5.71k)

Commodore baseball cap
White baseball cap embroidered with the Commodore logo. Several baseball caps have appeared on ebay since 2005. However, it is uncertain if the caps are official sanctioned merchandise or produced by a third party wishing to profit from the retro market.
View baseball cap (96k)

Grey Commodore Amiga T-shirt
Grey T-shirt with heat applied Amiga logo.
View T-shirt (43k)

Amiga 1000 T-shirt
White t-shirt printed with the Amiga checkmark and an unofficial Amiga 1000 logo. The T-shirt was created by an ebay seller from Canada during 2006.
View T-shirt (140k)

AmigaOS4 baseball cap
White and red baseball cap printed with the AmigaOS4 graphic. The cap seen in the image is taken from Software Hut's online catalogue, available for 8.95 US dollars.
View cap (6k)

Amiga OS4 Polo shirt
A light grey polo shirt printed with the AmigaOS4 graphic. The shirt in the image is taken from Software Hut's online catalogue, available for 22.95 US dollars.
View shirt (5k)

Amiga OS4 Polo shirt
A light grey polo shirt printed with the AmigaOS4 graphic. The shirt in the image is taken from Software Hut's online catalogue, available for 14.95 US dollars.
View shirt (12k)

Unofficial Amiga 1 baseball caps
An orange baseball cap printed with an Amiga 1 design. The cap in the image is taken from Software Hut's online catalogue, available for 9.95 US dollars.
View cap (7k)

Black Commodore SID baseball cap
A black adult baseball cap with the words "6581: It's a SID thing!" embroidered onto it. The cap is sold by Kubi Direct.
View cap (65k)

Tarten Amiga cap
A blue cap emblazened with the Amiga logo.
View cap (98k)


Amiga Vehicles

Commodore Car
An interesting photograph found on an old Amiga clipart CD.
View Image (23k)

Petro takes his new Amiga car for a spin.
View Car (18k)

Amiga Limo
A black limo specially customised for the AmiWest 2002 show in July 2002. The lady standing by the limo appears to be Jeri Ellsworth, creator of the CommodoreOne.
View Limo (93k)


Promotional Material

Amiga DevCon 1986 T-shirt
Promotional poster given to Amiga developers attending the 1986 developer conference in Monterey, California. This was the first true developer conference held after the public release of the Amiga. A scene from the famous RoboCity demo is printed in full color. Thanks to John Foust.
View poster (53k)

Amiga Sign
Amiga sign previously given to official Amiga dealers in the US.
View Image (20k)

Amiga Banner
Official Amiga display banner used in retail computer stores. The dimensions of the banner are 54" wide and 381/2" high. The rod it hangs on is 62" wide.
View banner (10.2k)

Amiga Fever
A German Amiga Fever badge.
View badge (20k)

Commodore Computer Lighted Computer Sign
The sign was only given to authorized Commodore dealers between 1988-1992. The On/Off switch is attached directly to the cord.
View light (25k)

A3000 Compatibility Seminars
This 500 page booklet was distributed at a seminar discussing A3000 compatibility during the early 90s.
View Cover (15.9k) | View Map (15.9k)

The official show guide of World of Commodore 1990
Show guide to the WOC show 1990.
View Cover (208k)

A3000 Poster
Promotional poster for the Amiga 3000 Multimedia computer. The poster measures 25 x 33 inches and dates from the early days of the Amiga 3000 computer.
View Poster (32k)

Commodore Registered User's Club
An incentive for new Amiga users to register.
View leaflet (48.8k)

Commodore Amiga Developers Conference 1988
An example of the documentation given to attendees at Commodore conferences.
View documentation cover (16k) | View Article contents Page 1 (46k) | View Article contents Page 2 (25k) | Conference Notes (42k)

Amiga Developer Conference binder
A blue binder from the 2nd Commodore Amiga developer conference.
View Top-side (16k) View front (10k)

Laura Longfellow
Back in the late 1980s, Laura featured in a series of commercials by Newtek promoting the company and Digiview. She was lovingly nicknamed 'Maxine Headroom' by Amiga fans.
View Laura Photo Print (23.3k)

Light Year 1990 Computer Art Calendar
The special edition calendar was designed on the Amiga and autographed by Jay Miner. The date reads 10/11/89.
View Calendar (16k)

1990 Summer CES Show CDTV Preview Press Kit
Press kit, issued in June 1990, by Commodore Business Machines' public relations company, Rogers & Associates, to introduce the press to the new CDTV machine.

The press kit includes the following:

  • Three multi-page, stapled press releases concerning CDTV's debut at the Summer CES show, 1990, in Chicago
  • Stapled CDTV Technical Specifications sheets
  • Biography of Nolan Bushnell, then the general manager of the new Consumer Interactive Products Division of Commodore
  • Biography of Irving Gould Chairman of Commodore International
  • Background information sheets about Commodore International
  • Three 8x10 glossy photos (actual photo prints on Kodak paper, not photocopies) depicting a prototype of a production CDTV unit and its peripherals in various poses, including the small remote controller design which was never used in production models
  • Glossy double-pocket outer folder
  • Business card of Rogers & Associates executive
View Image (69.1k)

Commodore Unix Manuals
The collection of Unix manuals originally came with the A3000UX, which included a SVR4 Unix port. Six manuals were included in total:

  • Installing Amiga UNIX (DRAFT) - 52 pgs
  • Learning Amiga UNIX (DRAFT) - 132 pgs
  • Using Amiga UNIX (DRAFT) - 374 pgs
  • A2065 Ethernet Board install guide (Preliminary) - 12 pgs
  • Beta3j Addendum notes - 14 pgs
  • "Amiga Unix Tech Notes" newsletter - V1N1, January 1991 - 8 pgs
View Manuals (33.7k)

CD32 Kick-off
Press Kit distributed to dealers for the launch of the Amiga CD32 console (Sept. 1993).

This press kit includes the following:

  • 5x7 black and white "beauty shot" photo of CD32 intended for magazine/press articles
  • Single Sheet CD-32 "Kick-Off" invitation
  • Multi-page stapled information packet about CD-32 including magazine reprints of various software reviews and interviews
  • Four color tear-sheets from various CD-32 software publishing companies
  • Business card of Commodore executive
  • Double pocket, outer glossy folder festooned with Commodore's name and logo which holds everything listed above.
View Cover (53.7k)

BoXeR Poster
A poster advertising the new BoXeR motherboard at the AmiWest show in July 2000.
View Poster (16.4k)

Amiga "Back for the Future" poster
The first of many Amiga posters aimed to get the Amiga into the limelight once again.
View poster

Amiga "Keep The Momentum Going" poster
Based upon the Amiga cliche that became popular during late 1998/early-1999, Amiga launched another poster showing the Amiga Boing Ball.
View Poster

The Spirit of Amiga poster
To herald the next generation of Amiga, a new poster was released on the 3/5/99. Displaying trademark designs obviously associated with United Colours of Benneton, the image presents a multi-cultural feel. It is available for 10 DM (German Deutsch marks).
View Poster

Amiga- "Back for the Future" theme
The official Amiga theme tune. Launched at the World of Amiga show 1998, it is a Eurovision-style pop tune. Performed by the Annex dancers.
View cover design | View CD Inlay


Amiga Video Tapes

Amiga World Animation Video Vol. 1
One hour of some of the world's most gifted computer animators and their work. Dozens of real world animations that will demonstrate what can be done on an Amiga.
View tape (60k)

Amiga World Animation Video Vol. 2
This tape features animation techniques using Sculpt-Animate 4D, LightWave 3D, Turbo Silver, Imagine and more!
View tape (57k)

Amiga World "History of the Amiga" Video
A look at the people, places and products that made the Amiga computer. An interesting walk down memory lane for any Amiga-phile. Published in 1991
View Cover (24.3k)

"Bringing the Power home, Commodore Amiga 500 and Home Video" video
13-minute video that covers Amiga clipart, title graphics, Deluxe Paint, sound effects, and 3D. Also includes an Amiga software catalogue.
View video (12.3k)

Amiga World 'Video Toaster 2.0' VHS Tape
Video tape produced by the Amiga World staff during 1992 to introduce the Video Toaster 2.0 release.
View Tape Cover (58.1k)

Amiga World 'Amiga Primer' VHS Tape
An 80 minute tape covering the A500, A2000, A3000, AmigaOS 2 & AmigaVision.
View Tape Cover (53k)

Amiga World 'How to Animate' Part 1
An animation primer that explains how to animate your cartoons on the Amiga.
View tape (70k)

Amiga World 'Hot Rod your Amiga' VHS Tape
An hour-long tape covering internal and external expansions for the A500, A2000, & A3000.
View Tape Cover (56.8k)

Professional Techniques for DPaint III Video
Dan Silva's Deluxe Paint III is explained in great detail along with tips from the man himself.
Front of Box (32.9k) | Back of Box (25k)

The Deluxe Paint IV Video Guide
The two-tape bundle included the Deluxe Paint IV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques with Deluxe Paint IV. These guided the user through the basics to more advanced subjects, covering 3D text, drop shadows, textures, color cycling animation, titling, and more.
View Video (34.2k) | View Advanced version (71k)

An Introduction to the Amiga: Operating System 2.1 & 3.0
This American VHS video is part of the Professional Tutorial Series featuring Chuck Petropoulos. Topic include Computer basics, Amiga system Design, Basic operations, Preferences, Tools and Utilities, Files & Directories, AmigaDOS & Shell, What's on the Disk?, Tips & Tricks, and Customizing your System.
View Video (49.5k)

The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst - Standard edition (NTSC)
The standard edition of Dave Haynie's video story of the final days at Commodore. Originally published by Intangible Assets Manufacturing. Although the video is currently out of production, a digital copy can be found on Cloanto's Amiga Forever 4 CD. This copy was originally owned by Dave Haynie and sold on eBay in October 2001.
View video (12.6k)

The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst - Employee edition (NTSC)
The 'special employee' edition of Dave Haynie's video story of the final days at Commodore. The content remains the same as the 'standard edition', but it comes in a nice case. Originally published by Intangible Assets Manufacturing. Although the video is currently out of production, a digital copy can be found on Cloanto's Amiga Forever 4 CD. This copy was originally owned by Dave Haynie and sold on eBay in October 2001.
View Employee video (11.7k)

The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst - Collector's edition (NTSC)
The 'collector's edition' of Dave Haynie's video story of the final days at Commodore. The content remains the same as the 'standard edition'. As well as the signed case ('Haynie' on the front, other Commodore people on the back), there's a lyrics sheet inside, and some business cards (they were random, this one has Dave Haynie and Dale Larson cards). This collector's edition originally retailed for US$70. There were only 100 of these made, the video in the images is number 94.
Although the video is currently out of production, a digital copy can be found on Cloanto's Amiga Forever 4 CD. This copy was originally owned by Dave Haynie and sold on eBay in October 2001.
View front (32k) | View back (28.5k)


Amiga Sticker

Amiga Sticker
Amiga sticker used on the front of the A1000 and various other hardware.It came with its own protective plastic case. The images seen here come from liquidated stock.
View Sticker 1 (19.5k) | View Sticker 2 (18.3k) | View Sticker 3 (16.5k)

Amiga sommerfestival 1988
Sticker for the Amiga summer festival in 1988. Measures 11.2 x 16cm approx.
View sticker (76k)

A570 for Amiga 500/500+
Sticker promoting the new A570 CD-ROM drive for the Amiga 500. Measures 10cm x 10cm approx.
View sticker (24k)

I love Commodore
Sticker produced in the mid-1980s for the German market.
View sticker (32k)

Commodore Amiga sticker/decal
A black Commodore Amiga Sticker/Decal. Origin unknown.
View sticker (12k)


Amiga Accessories

Amiga "Get Boinged" Thermal Mug
White plastic thermal mug displaying the Amiga "Get Boinged" slogan. Available for $11 each.
View mug (28k)

Amiga coffee Mug
Amiga Ceramic Coffee Mug, proudly displaying the Amiga Boing Ball and Logo. Available for $4.95 each
View mug (20k)

Amiga Canvas Tote Bag
White tote bag with red straps. Measures 14"w x 14 1/2"h x 1/2"d, 12 ounce cotton canvas, outside pocket, bottom and web handles. Available for $20.00 each.
View bag (8k)

Amiga Stainless Steel Coffee holder
The Stainless Steel coffee mug has plastic liner with screw-on top perfect for travel without spilling. Available for $12.00 each.
View holder (24k)

AmigaOS4 coffee cup
A white coffee cup printed with the AmigaOS4 graphic and sold at the OS4 on tour event. The cup seen in the image is taken from Software Hut's online catalogue, available for 9.95 US dollars.
View cup (5k)


Miscellaneous Amiga Memorabilia

Amiga business card
Business card from Greg Lee, Central Regional Manager of the original Amiga Inc.
View card (6k)

Amiga Boing Ball logo plate
Before the rainbow check mark was chosen as the official logo for the Commodore Amiga, Commodore produced a batch of Boing Ball logo plates that would be attached to the front of the A1000 computer, 1080 Monitors, 1010 Disk Drives, 5.25" disk drives, and A1000 Keyboards. However, the company abandoned this logo, chosing the familiar rainbow check mark. The Boing ball was quickly adopted as the unofficial logo for Amiga enthusiasts everywhere.

The plate is made of metal with a plastic lamination layer, and is covered with a die-cut piece of waxed paper, as originally manufactured by Commodore in 1985.. The silvery metal squares which checkerboard on the ball with the red squares were made with a diamond-cut process, so they reflect and shimmer when you move the logoplate around in the light.
View Logo plate (108k) View 1080 Logo (114k)

Commodore Watch
The gold watch is emblazoned with the Commodore logo. An early attempt by Petro maybe? ;)
View watch (35.3k)

Commodore Watch
Black Commodore watch
View watch (27k)

Commodore Amiga Solar Calculator
An interesting memento that was found on eBay. The seller claimed it was a US promotional item from the early years of the Amiga. The Solar Panel and LCD Display can be seen by sliding the metal door open.
View calculator (33.2k)

Commodore key ring
One of many promotional items issued to Commodore dealers during the late 1980s.
View key ring (29.5k)

Commodore key Ring
Triangular Commodore CDTV key ring
View key ring (7k)

Commodore Amiga Credit card
A Commodore Amiga credit card for use in authorized Commodore dealers. Thanks to Matt Sargent for this amazing find.
View Credit card - front (47k) View Credit card - back (53k)

Amiga "Make Up Your Own Mind" Kite
One of the few ways to play with your Amiga outside.
View Kite (40.4k)

Commodore Pen Knife
A pen knife branded with the Commodore logo.
View pen knife (22k)

Commodore Lapel
Another fashion accessory from the corridors of Commodore. The Pin is square, measuring .5" x .5". The design is a white background with the Commodore "C" in blue.
View Commodore Lapel (6k)

Commodore Ice scraper
An ice scrapper that depicts the Commodore logo.
View Ice scrapper (14k)

Amiga Mug
Blue coffee mug emblazoned with the Commodore Amiga logo.
View mug (28.8k)

Amiga Steering Wheel
"Freewheel" controller intended for use in racing simulators. It is claimed the controller was controlled by tilting the wheel forward to accelerate or backwards to brake. Buttons on the side of the wheel controlled gear changes. The wheel also came with foot pedals.
View steering wheel and foot pedal (109k)

Byte Magazine
Byte was regarded as legendary during the 1980s and early 90s. It was the jewel of the computer industry read by experts and amateurs alike. The Amiga made the cover three times over five years, exposing itself to millions of potential supporters.

Date Heading Comment
August 1985 The Amiga Personal Computer -  It has plenty of computing power and impressive color graphics. (indepth look at the A1000 on pages 83-100!).
March 1987 The Commodore A2000 The new Amiga features slots and optional PC compatibility.
May 1990 Mainstream Amiga - New Amiga 3000 Mac II power, multitasking, multimedia... at a Commodore price.

View Magazines (82.9k)

Amiga Disk Wallet
black disk wallet holds 20 disks.
View Wallet (4.78k)

Amiga Warranty
Commodore value-added care documentation shipped with the A500.
View Warranty (31k) | View Warranty- 2nd page (34.7k)

Amiga Pen and Pencil Set
Commodore Amiga pen and pencil set from PaperMate (circa 1990).
View pen & pencil set (18.7k)

Amiga CD32 Keychain
One of the last promotional items released by Commodore to promote the Amiga CD32 Game machine. This keychain measures just over 3 inches from side to side.
View keychain (17.7k)

Amiga 1993 Orlando Devcon Keychain
Unusual 'boing orange' by those cheapy chappies in Florida produced for the 1993 Orlando Amiga Developers Conference.
View keychain (22k)

Amiga Boing Keychain
Produced during the Gateway period, the keychains are alleged to have been created in low quantities. The keychain appears to be polished brass with an inlay of white and red for the Boing logo and black and red for the Amiga logo.
View keychain (24K)

"I Love My Amiga" Bumper Sticker
American vanity sticker for the front car bumper.
View Sticker (18.8k) | View Close-up (19.1k)

Invitation to the very last Commodore event
An invitation sent by Commodore UK management to Martin Brown of Team 17. Thanks to Tony Landais of Team 17.
Envelope (88k) | Signed letter (192k)

Amiga Fanatic
Amiga Phone Cards were issued in 1995 by Softwood Corporation to commemorate the rebirth of the Amiga by Escom. Each phone card was worth 10 units, or 10 minutes of national long distance telephone service within the United States. There are 3 different cards in the series. "Amiga Lives!", "It's Back!" and "Amiga Fanatic." Only 1000 of each card were made so they are quite collectable.
Amiga Fanatic Phone Card: Front (63.7k) Back (63.5k)
Amiga Lives Phone Card   : Front (63.7k)Back (63.5k)

Amiga Coffee Mugs
The mug was made as a fundraiser for UPCHUG Tacoma Amiga Club during 1997. The design is based Eric Schwartz's (famous Amiga artist responsible for the Amy & Sabrina cartoon characters) reaction to the sale of Amiga to Gateway 2k. The dishwasher safe ceramic coffee cup weighs approximately 11oz.
View Gateway Buyout Mug (32k) | View The Survivor Mug (44.2k)

Amiga Sunglasses
Plastic sunglasses sold at the St. Louis show in April 2000. They are UV shielded and bear the Amiga logo on the side.
View Glasses (9.22k)

Amiga Torch
A small, white pocket torch emblazened with the Amiga logo and boing ball. They appear to have been sold to German customers.
View Torch - standing (8.5K) View Torch - side view (10k)

Petro Christmas card
In the winter of 2000, Eyetech imortalised Petro Tyschtschenko in the form of a Christmas card. The card, produced by R. Hamilton, summarises the Amiga market at the time. The Eyetech web page also included the message,
"Eyetech wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Amiga community"
View Card (43.3k)

Amiga version of the popular Monopoly game produced by Amiga Zone, demonstrated at the Amiga 2001 show in St. Louis (photograph taken by amiga.org).
View board (93k) | View $1000 voucher (19k)

Official Amiga "BoingPad", or mousemat as they are known by everyone else.
View Image

Amiga Mousemat
Escom-inspired mousemat designed by Frogdesign, the people behind the Amiga logo.
View Mousemat (16.9k) | View close up (14.9k)

Amiga Watch
A limited edition set of Amiga watches that were sold at the Computer '98 show by Amiga International. It is made of Sterling Silver(925) with a none Reflective Mineral Glass to cover the analogue display, as well as a leather strap. It is waterproof for up to 30 meters and includes an engraved Signature of Petro Tyschtschenko on the back. Only 55 of these items exist and retailed at the show for $270 USD.
View Front (12K) View Back (10k)

Amiga Matches
On April 19th 1999, Amiga launched the next generation of Amiga- the Amiga matches. An Amiga spokesman commented, "We believe that the "AmigaCombustion Technology" TM will allow us to pull ahead of our competitors. Now we will be able to harness fire and store it in a box." The BoingBall shaped matchbox reflects this sense of innovation, stating "Keep the momentum going" and "There are computers and there is AMIGA".
View Selection (21.7k) | View the match book inlay (37.9k) | View the Boing-shaped match book (32.3k)

Revealed at the World of Amiga Show 1999, AmiCola is intended to keep the Amiga user cool whilst the market hots up! They were sold for £1.
View Image

Amiga Clothing
Amiga boxer shorts and socks carrying the Amiga logo.
View box shorts & socks (48k) | View socks (10k)

Amiga Card Game
The Amiga was always run by jokers! The (52 pack) card game has been produced under licence by Marcus Werum, who is handling the sale and shipping. They are available for 15.00DM per pack, plus shipping cost.
View Image

Petro Cake
A cake given to Petro Tyschtschenko at the Amiga 2001 following his retirement from Amiga Inc.
View cake (56k)

Amiga Boing Ball Key Chain
Key chain inscribed with the Amiga logo and boing ball. Email boingcoin@allthingsamiga.com for more information on ordering.
View Chain (24k)

Amiga Boing Pin
Tie pin shaped like the Amiga Boing Ball. Email boingcoin@allthingsamiga.com for more information on ordering.
View Pin (9k)

Amiga Boing Coin
Special edition brass coin illustrating the Amiga Boing Ball.
Boing Coin- Front & Back (20k) | Indication of Boing Coin size (15k)

Merlancia items
Several unusual items were available on the Merlancia stand at the AmiWest 2001 show in Sacramento. This included a talking Boing Claus and a Boingster.
View Image (97k)

Amiga Items
Various items labelled with the Amiga logo.
View Image (21k)

Genesi Birthday cake
To celebrate the birth of Genesi, a birthday cake was shown at European computers shows in January 2003. It is unknown who had the honour of eating this delicious looking sponge cake.
View Image (48k)

Amiga Boing Ball Christmas ornament
A Christmas ornament in the shape of the Amiga boing ball, allegedly distributed by Commodore. The text "Amiga .. Our First Christmas!" suggests that, if legitimate, it was given away prior to Christmas 1985. The ball measures about 12 cm (5 in) across and about 8 cm (3.5 in) high, not including loop of the string for hanging the ornament on the tree.
View Image (52k)

Amiga CD32 pen set
A commemorative pen set, consisting of one fountain pen and one propelling pencil given as commercial freebies to journalists to celebrate the launch of the CD32. Thanks to Donald Craig of Imperial College for providing these images.
View pen set (48k)

Amiga OS4 mouse mat
A mouse mat printed with the Amiga OS4 logo. The mouse mat is available from Software Hut for 8.95 US dollars.
View mouse mat (8k)

Amiga OS4 mug
White mugs printed with the Amiga OS 4.0 logo
View mugs (8k)


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