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Other Famous People

As well as the people at the various Amiga parent companies, there are a number of others who have changed the Amiga industry forever. I can see this soon turning into a programmers photo album, but never mind. Here are just a few:
Marcel Beck Marcel Beck
Creator of YAM, the Amiga's greatest email client.
Neil Bothwick Neil Bothwick
Former CU Amiga journalist and responsible for the first Amiga focussed internet provider, Wirenet. Also works as a Geoff Capes-ogram in his spare time.
Andy Davidson Andy Davidson
Author of Worms- a multi-million that grossed millions of sales and would not have existed if it were not for the Amiga.
Dan Dodge Dan Dodge
CEO of QNX, the one-time Amiga OS partner. He has taken a personal interest in the Amiga and can be found on the Team Amiga mailing list. Despite having very little to do with the Amiga until 1998 he is considered to hold the key to continuing the Amiga philosophy onto new hardware.
Fred Fish Fred Fish
The man behind the popular Fish disk distribution.
Greenboy Greenboy
Former Commodore dealer. He is now spearheading the Phoenix Consortium. 
Jürgen Haage Jürgen Haage
Joint founder of HAAGE & PARTNER COMPUTER GmbH. Responsible for sales, dealer contacts and public relations.
Ron van Herk Ron Van Herk
Ron van Herk of Computer City, NL
Wayne Hunt Wayne Hunt
Web master of Amiga.Org
Christian Kemp Christian Kemp
Webmaster of the indispensable Amiga News Network (ANN) site. Image is copyright Amiga News.de, 2002
Holger Kruse Holger Kruse
Author of Miami and a host of other Internet applications. He is currently employed by Rebol. 
Martin Merz Martin Merz
Creator of the Mason Icons set. Image is copyright Amiga News.de, 2002
Markus Nerding

Markus Nerding
Joint founder of HAAGE & PARTNER COMPUTER GmbH. Responsible for product management and international contacts. He is allegedly a big fan of this site.

Greg Perry Greg Perry
Creator of the fantasic Directory Opus.
Alan Redhouse Alan Redhouse
Alan Redhouse is manager of Eyetech Group Ltd, a UK Amiga dealer that has developed the AmigaOne motherboard, as well as numerous other hardware add-ons. He is considered to be one of the few honest people in the Amiga market. Although he makes few public announcements, he has made valid criticism of various announcements by other companies if they are unworkable (such as Amiga Inc's Amiga DE discount system in 2001).
Mick Tinker Mick Tinker
Responsible for the CD32x and BoXeR. He also single handedly retained confidence in the Classic market proposing a PPC Amiga "Bridge" system at the World of Amiga 98.
Kermit Woodall Kermit Woodall
Owner of Nova Designs.

Last Update: 17/6/2002

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