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Amiga Book Gallery

It has been many years since the Amiga has warranted a book published about it. Many have even forgotten that such things existed. This section highlights the range of books that were produced on various aspects of the computer, showing illustrations from the cover of each book. If you want book reviews on some of those listed visit the Book FAQ and do a search for the title.

Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in Basic (28.1k)- Book #3 of the Abacus "Blue Series" (Feb 1989)
Amiga Machine Language (25.7k)- Book #4 of the Abacus "Blue Series"
Advanced System Programmer's Guide for the Amiga (34k)- Book #7 of the Abacus "Blue Series" (Nov 1989)
AmigaDOS Inside & Out- AmigaDOS 1.3 (33.1k)
AmigaDOS Inside & Out - AmigaDOS 2.0 (26.1k)- Book #8 of the Abacus "Blue Series" (Fifth printing, 1990)
Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out (29.1k)- Book #9 of the Abacus "Blue Series" (Second Printing, Nov. 1989)
Amiga C for Beginners (26.4k)- Book # 10 of the Abacus "Blue Series"
Amiga C for Advanced Programmers- Front (46k) Back (86k) - Book #11 of the Abacus "Blue Series"
Amiga Graphics Inside and Out (52k)- Book #13 of the Abacus "Blue Series"
Amiga Desktop Video Guide: Front (65k) Back (63.8k)- Book #14 in the Abacus "Blue Series" (Dec 1989)
Amiga Basic Inside & Out (31.1k)
Amiga Desktop Video Power- Front (50k) Back (99k)
Amiga for Beginners (27.8k)
Amiga for Beginners- 2nd Edition (28.3k)
AmigaDOS Inside & Out- Revised: Front (54k) Back (81k)
AmigaDOS Quick Reference: Front (25.3k) Back (23.9k)
Amiga Intern (31.8k)
Amiga System Programmer's Guide (17k)
Amiga Tricks & Tips (26k)
More Tricks and Tips for the Amiga (30k)
Making Music on the Amiga (30k)
Using AREXX on the Amiga (36.4k) 
AC/Basic (14k)
AC/Basic- 2nd Edition (17.4k) 
Ariadne Software Ltd.
The 'Kickstart' Guide to the Amiga (29.9k)

Avid Publications
Video Toaster User Presents 101 Toaster Tricks by Lee Stranahan (19k)
30 page booklet. Published in 1992-93 
AmigaDOS Developer's Manual (20k)
AmigaDOS Technical Reference Manual (21k)
AmigaDOS User's Manual (19k)
Amiga User's Guide to Graphics, Sound and Telecommunications (22.8k)
The AmigaDOS Manual- Front (39k) Back (80k)
Bruce Smith Books
All about the A1200, Produced in asssociation with Amiga Computing (29k)
Amiga: Next Steps (11.5k)
Insider Guide Series: Amiga 600 (18k)
Insider Guide Series: Amiga 1200 (9k)
Mastering Amiga Beginners (20.8k)
Master Amiga Systems (64.1k)
Mastering Amiga Dos (53.2k)

Commodore Business Machines

Amiga Pocket Reference Guide (6.83k)
Introduction to the Amiga (13k)
Miscellaneous A1000 manuals (15.7k)
A1000 Service Manual (7k)

Amiga 500 Binder (19.3k)
A500 Service Manual (12.1k)
A different A500 Service Manual (k)
Amiga 500 System Schematics (9k)
Amiga Basic (9k)
Selection of A500 books (13.6k)
A500 Manual-English (10.6k)
A500 Manual - German (11k)
A520 Video Adapter Manual (5.97k)
Amiga Basic Book, circa 1985 (12k)
Introduction to the Amiga 500 (32k)

Amiga 500/2000 Technical Reference Manuals (22k)
Amiga 500/2000 Basic- English (12.5k)
Amiga 500/2000 Basic - German (10.6k)

Amiga 2000 System Schematics (33k)
A2000 Quick Connect guide (13k)
Introduction to the Amiga 2000 1st Ed. (9.63k)
Introduction to the Amiga 2000 2nd Ed. (15.7k)
Introduction to the Amiga 2000 3rd Ed. (21k)
Introduction to the Amiga 2000HD (1.19k)
Introduction to the Amiga 2500 (1.77k)
Workbench 1.1 Binder (12k)
Workbench 2.04 Binder (18k)
Amiga Release 2 (German), 1991 (16k)

A500 Plus Service Manual, includes A501 RAM expander (October 1991)- Cover1 (12k) Close-up (9.49k)

Amiga 600 Service Addendum (8k)
Introduction to Amiga 600 (10k)
Introduction au Amiga 600 (7k)
'Using the Amiga Workbench' & 'Introducing the A600' (21.9k)
Using the Amiga Workbench (21.2k)

A3000 System Schematics (16.1k)
Introducing the Amiga 3000 (20.1k)
Amiga 3000 Service Manual (9.89k)
Amiga 3000T Service Manual (9k)

AGA Supplement (13k)
Amiga 1200 Service Addendum (8k)
Amiga 4000 Service Addendum (8k)
A1200 User Guide (16k)
Amiga 4000 French Manuals (57k)

German CD32 brochure, included with machine (32k)

A500 WB1.3 Manuals-French (18k)
Workbench 1.2 Enhancer Software& disk (31k)
Workbench 1.3 Enhancer Software & disk (44k)
Using the Amiga Workbench (2.0) (11.2k)
Amiga Workbench 2.1 and Case (11.8k)
Amiga Workbench 2.1 Manuals (15.8k)
German WB2.1 manuals (16K)
Amiga OS 3.0 Manuals (16k)
Workbench 3.0 Manual (9.5k)
Commodore AmigaOS 3.1 Manuals (20k)
Amiga Technologies AmigaOS 3.1 Manuals (20.8k)
ARexx User's Guide (8.34k)


Das Grobe Amiga Jahrbuch 1987 - official catalogue - Cover (72k) Contents (108k)
Amiga Guide Book- Using the Amiga Software (17k)
Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (19k)
Amiga Hardware Reference Manual- 3rd Edition (21k)
Amiga MCC Pascal Manual (12.1k)
Amiga Intuition Reference Manual (33k)
Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: EXEC (26K)
Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices (16k)
Amiga User Guide Binder (7.31k)
Collection of Amiga Reference Manuals (97k)
Three Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manuals- Revised & Updated (38k)
Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manuals: Libraries and Devices- Revised & Updated: Front (22.7k) Back (63.6k)
Amiga ROM Kernel Manuals- 3rd Edition(27k)
Amiga ROM Kernel: Devices (3rd Edition)- Front (17.9k) Back (21.8k)
Amiga ROM Kernel: Includes & Autodocs (3rd Edition)- Front (14.8k) Back (23.9k)
Amiga ROM Kernel: Libraries (3rd Edition)- Front (17k) Back (24.9k)
Amiga User Interface Style Guide- Front (19.5k) Back (24.6k)
Amiga Vision Manual & disks (32.2k)
Amiga 590 hard drive Service Manual, August 1989 (11.9k)
Amiga 2060/2065/2232 System Schematics Manual, August 1989 (12.5k)
Commodore 1940/2 Monitor Manual (10.6k)
Commodore 1950 Multiscan Color Monitor Service Manual (June 1990) (8.46k)
Commodore Amiga 2088 Bridgeboard User's Guide (3.88k)
Commodore A2091 System Schematics (16.1k)
Genlock Service Manual, June 1987: Cover (6.57k) Title (13.4k)

A3000 Unix manuals (33.7k)

Advanced Amiga Basic: Front (46.5k) Back (57.5k) by Tom R. Halfhill and Charles Brannon (31.5k)
AmigaDOS Reference Guide (1st Edition) (11.6k)
Amiga DOS Reference Guide (3rd Edition): Front (29k) Back (59k)
AmigaDOS Reference Guide (4th Edition) by Sheldon Leemon (16.4k)
Compute!'s Amiga Applications (7.25k)
Compute!'s Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide: Front (17.6k) Back (25.1k)
Compute!'s Amiga Programmers Guide (27.1k)
Compute!'s Begineer's Guide to the Amiga (20.4k)
Elementary Amiga Basic: Front (27.9k) Back (54.3k)
Compute's First Book of the Amiga (57.3k)- 1986
Compute's Second Book of the Amiga (8.22k)
Inside Amiga Graphics by Sheldon Leeman: Front (22k) Back (12.9k)
Kids and the Amiga: Front (12.9k) Back (11.39k)
Kids and the Amiga- 2nd Edition (17.1k)
Learning C Programming Graphics on the Amiga & Atari ST (23.4k)
Mapping the Amiga by Rhett Anderson & Randy Thompson (24.1k)
Mapping the Amiga (2nd Edition): Front (29.3k) Back (34.7k)
Using Deluxe Paint (2nd Edition) (12.5k) 
Dabs Press
A Dabhand Guide: AmigaDOS (19k)

Data Becker
Amiga Basic (27K) Profile (63K)
AmigaDOS (31K) Profile (106K)
Amiga Profi Know How, 1991 (21k)
BeckerText 2 (43K) Profile (90K)
Das endgültige Amiga 500 Handbuch, 1991 (21k)
Das Grobe Amiga 500 buch (14.6k)
Das große Deluxe Paint IV Buch, 1992 (22k)
Demomaker handbook, 1991 (23k)
German Amiga DOS/Amiga Basic book (11.8k)
Tips & Tricks, 1987 (13k)
Tips & Tricks, 2nd edition (16.5K)


Blitzeinstieg Kickstart 2.0, 1991 (32k)


Electronic Arts
Deluxe Paint IV Manual (59.7k)


Future Publishing
Amiga Format Presents: Get into CD-ROM with your A1200 Start-up Guide (26k)
Amiga Format Presents: Get into the Net with your Amiga Start-up Guide (19k)
Amiga Format ScreenPlay 2 (13.4k)
The Amiga Format Bumper Book of Amiga Hints and Tips (10k)
The AmigaFormat Guide to Amiga DeskTop Video (42.6k)

Haage & Partner
OS3.9 - Das Buch, 2000 (58k)
Howard W. Sams & Company
The Waite Group's Inside the Amiga with C (21k) 
Official Amiga World AmigaDOS 2 Companion- Front (45k) Back (48k)
Official Amiga World AmigaVision Handbook- Front (68.1k) Back (72.1k)

The Amiga Companion by Rob Peck: Front (33k) Back (52.8k)

Intangible Assets Manufacturing
Connect Your Amiga! by Dale L. Larson (25.7k)

Markt & Technik

Amiga DOS 1.3 14K)
Amiga Total, 1992 (19k)
Amiga 500 Buch (11K)
Amiga Workshop (27K)
Amiga Reflections - Front (34K) Back (94K)
Das Amiga Handbuch (98K)
Deluxe Grafik mit dem Amiga (101K)


Memphis Computer Products GmbH
Das Imagine Buch - Front (31K) Back (68K)


The Amiga Desktop Video Workbook by Jay Gross: Front (34.6k) Back (37.9k) 

Microsoft Press
The Amiga: Front (135k) Back (76.5k)

M68040 Manual (16.5k)
M68060 Manual (17.6k)

Newtek Video Toaster Font Guide (19k) 
Rebol: The Official Guide (10k) 
Precision Books
The Amiga System: An Introduction- Front (27.2k) Back (54k)

Amiga Programming Guide (30.1k)
Covers Commodore Amiga Basic, DOS, and C. Softbound, 281 pages. 
Inside the Amiga by John Thomas Berry (29.7k) 

Sassenrath Research
Guru's Guide to The Commodore Amiga- Meditation #1- Interrupts, by Carl Sassenrath (8.79k)

Softwood, Inc
Final Writer 4.0 Manual (18.3k)

Amiga Programmer's Handbook (28.4k)
Amiga Programmer's Handbook Volume 1", Second Edition, by Eugene P. Mortimore. (43k)
Amiga Programmer's Handbook Volume 2, by Eugene P. Mortimore. (15k)
Programmer's Guide to the Amiga- Front (9.3k) Back (11.4k) 

Tab Books, Inc
Amiga Assembly Language Programming (18k)

Technic Support
Das grosse Amiga Public Domain Buch (102K)
Das Zweite Amiga Public Domain Buch (86K)
Das Grosse Amiga Spielebuch (144K)


Amiga Professional Results with Deluxe Paint (70k)
Hard cover book discussing DPaint 2. 400 pages, copyright 1987.

Amiga Desktop Video by Steven Anzovin- 2nd Edition, Front (15.4k) Back (27.6k)
Amiga Hardware Tuning (14k)
Amiga Programmer's Guide (14.7k)
ARexx User's Reference Manual 1.0 By William S. Hawes, 1987 (38.3k)
1001 Things to do with your Amiga (23.7k)
Becoming an Amiga Artist (28.2k)
Best Amiga Tips & Secrets (20k)
Complete Post Production with the Video Toaster (63.7k)
Mastering Toaster Technology (25k)
Starter- Amiga 500 (14.7k)
The AmigaDOS Companion by Rob Peck (14.2k)
The Amiga Handbook (18.7k)
The Amiga Microsoft BASIC Programmers Guide by William B. Sanders (28.9k)
The Imagine Companion by David Duberman (52.7k)

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