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Commodore - from dream to reality

The Second Amiga owners: 1984 - 1994
The Commodore period was a time of almost unequally prosperity for the Amiga. The company provided the financial backing needed to develop the dream prototype into a commercial product. The original Los Gatos team were taken out of the picture and Commodore-Amiga developed the high-end system into a computer for the masses. The resulting A500, A500+, A600, and A1200 systems achieved these goals, offering advanced features in a low-end package.

Over a number of years Commodore developed the Amiga from the basic 68000 512k system up to the advanced 68040 processor. The unique graphics chipset was upgraded three times, OCS, ECS, and finally AGA. However, the financial ineptitude of Commodore led the Amiga down a path of destruction and in 1994 the company went bankrupt.

- The History of Commodore


- A small selection of the 8-bit machines produced by Commodore before the Amiga
- Commodore PC
- Commodore Monitors
- Amiga 570 CD drive
- CD32 Game Console Debug Board
- A4000 MPEG card
- CD1200 CD-ROM drive
- Amiga Items

Operating Systems

- TripOS
- AmigaOS


- Behind the curtain- AmigaOS Development
- What the future would have been like if Commodore still existed.
- The future of the Amiga if the Commodore UK MBO had been successful
- Interview with David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot on the future of the Amiga (December 1994)


- Commodore-Amiga Sales Figures
- Tales from Commodore
- A1000 Signatures
- Amiga Bus- The Mobile Media Lab
- Commodore Photo Album.

Historical Documents

- Commodore to buy Amiga (24th July 1984)
- Information about Commodore International- Very Interesting
- Presentation manual for Commodore CDTV
-The Amiga in Japan- An old document on Amigas sold in Japan.
- Commodore assure the public that the Amiga is not dead.
- Lew Eggebrecht's talk on Commodore plans for AA+ and AAA
- A report from the World of Commodore 1992 show
- CD32: The Hyper-Museum Project
- The last people at Commodore
- Document from the Commodore sale in April 1995 (65.4k)
- Commodore- For sale (19k)
- Three-page liquidation brochure for the West Chester headquarters (large download)


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