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A minor update to the site. A number of bad links were fixed and more artifacts were added to Rare Amiga Items and the Book page. New graphics of Deluxe Paint, Amiga Computing US Edition, Amiga Items, and the CD32 were added. Small updates to the Amiga Format page to reflect its demise and add additional graphics. The BoXeR page was also partly rewritten to take into account the latest events. New magazines were added to the table. A special European edition of the A500 was discovered. More Amiga Books, General and Amiga Corp. people

New Additions
This is only a minor site update so there is very little new material.
AMIE Developer System, AMIE Concept Designs, CD32 Debug System. Also incorporated Patrick James' FAQs on the A1000, networking, and hardware.



AiG moves to Emugaming.
This update is quite small in comparison to the previous one. There are some new additions but the majority of this version reinforces the existing structure of the site.

Added more Amiga adverts. Altered Gateway section and copied MCC link to Unreleased Amiga. Added official MCC images. Also found some rare Commodore merchandise. These can be found in Rare Commodore Items. Updated the Amiga history page to lead into 2000 and the Classic Amiga PPC system to reflect recent plans by Haage & Partner.
Reintroduced the small article on Phase 5's continued efforts to develop a successor to the Amiga. It was originally canned for being out of date two years ago. Updated The Secret Love affair with the Alpha to reflect recent announcements.  More images were added to the Amiga Inc. photo album. Dumped LE Fastcounter in favour of The Counter.com. LE have been having considerable problems over the last few months. On some weeks the counter would actually count backwards. Also found a complete box set of the Amiga Power Stick. Moved many Amiga Clones based upon A1200/A4000/Boxer hardware into the Bundles section. In addition, added a few more Commodore bundles. More classic Interviews, including the famous AW Andy Warhol one.  The Commercial Magazine and Commodore Rumour Mill page have also been redesigned, layout has been fixed and loading time on the tables have been shortened. The Power A5000 was also updated to reflect its cancellation. Added AmigaOS 3.5 secrets to the Easter Egg page. Rewrote Deluxe Paint page and added images of the packaging and a brief biography of Dan Silva. Included the latest Amiga Related Books FAQ.

New Additions
Finally wrote the Amiga RTG page after two years of thinking about it. Not much at the moment but it may be developed in the future. Also added the Amiga Corp. 2000 section for the new Amiga company and Amiga Books gallery. How to use Japanese on the Amiga and a new multimedia section called AmigaTV, that has direct downloads of Amiga adverts, conferences, and more. Although still in its infancy, an Amiga Corp. photo album, Commodore Monitors and A570 page were added. The first newsletter, Dallas Forth Worth MCCC Amiga News was added to the magazine guide. I don't know much about it yet, if you know anything about this mag, email me.


Also known as the 'Blimey! Where did those bugs come from?' release. Some bad links have been corrected and tables have been altered to size to a percentage of the screen rather than a pixel size.


A major upgrade to the web site and a new look (got rid of that terrible gray colour at last!). The site has finally passed the 10Mb mark, over ten times the amount of material than in the first edition. Of course, this is mostly caused by the large number of images included and the conversion from AmigaGuide to HTML in version 3.0. I've also changed the site address to the amiga.tm redirection service and added it to the Amiga web ring. This will be the last update in quite some time, I've started the final year of my degree and will need to concentrate on that. Thanks for all of your support. Featured on the Amiga Active issue 3 CoverCD.

New Additions
Magazine section, The A1000+ and A1000Jr, A1000 Specification Press Release, Commodore position statement regarding A1200, original announcement of A/Box, 3 Pack, 8 Pack, new Commodore section, A4020, Class of the 90's, "So you thought the Amiga was never advertised", Amiga Networking, Amiga MCC, AmigaObjects, AMIRAGE, AmiQNX, Every version of AmigaOS, Amiga OE, AmiTV,AmiWM, CD1200, CDTV-CR, Concept designs, Stop Power Woes, Dangerous Streets, Commodore UK, E4000, Unreleased Timeline, Various MCC Bits, Windows NT, QNX for PowerUP, Ranger, Hombre Console, Viscorp section, Keeping Your Amiga Cool, More Randomize machines, Indepth look at Custom Chips, Amiga Resolutions, Off Your Rocker Instruction Manual, Mogul Maniac Instruction Manual, Amiga VR Page, Brian W. Fuesz Interview, Irritating FAQ, Acutiator, Definitive CDTV Retrospective, Gateway section, Escom section, new Amiga section, More Interviews with famous Amiga people, Amiga People, Amiga Corp. hardware and software, Bouncing Back- The origins of the Boing Ball

Updates to:
A1200 Comic Relief, Power A5000, A/Box, pre\box,Magazine Amigas, Amiga ED,Lorraine, BoXeR 2, AAA  Chipset, Amiga History, web links.
There are also hundreds of pages that I can't remember. Just have a look around the site.


A minor update to correct a small spelling mistake found and add the entire site as a downloadable archive.


An overhaul of the design of the site lead to many sections being incorporated into other pages and a pretty background image. The Commodore Amiga systems and Amiga clones were mothballed into a "Classic Amiga" page. Over 150k of old or useless material was taken out, including the Commodore Canonical List by Jim Brain, points of view, and the emulation section. These were very basic descriptions of the emulators and could not compare to sites dedicated to this subject. The Amiga section of the canonical list was altered slightly and added to the features section. I've also tried to make it easier to navigate by shortening the hierarchical access to many sections. The process I began in the last version of taking the Geocities adverts off every page has also been completed. The site also moved to the more responsive Freeserve. Added the usual Q+A, FAQ, and Glossary. Also added TzimmOS, Oasys concept OS, KOSH, Linux/APUS, images for SX32, the Screens OS, and updated the pOS, NetBSD and AmigaOS 5 sections. Added the AmigaOS 5 November FAQ, as well as the Index Access press release and more information on Lotus Pacific, plus Mega 4000, Cerberus, Casablanca, Amiga slot-machine, Lazarus G3 Amiga, Commodore A4000T, B2000, and systems from Randomize. The change of name and direction of the new MetaBox has also been included, new points of view, Digital Convergence- the contenders, Amiga design features. I have also created a new Amiga Corporation section with all manner of new stuff- original adverts for Amiga Corp. products, a look at the joyboard, and Atari 2600 games that were produced by Amiga. This version also introduced a discussion forum, mailing list and guestbook making it vaguely interactive.


The bug fix edition. Managed to find a number of bugs in the HTML code- bad links to other parts of the site, images not being displayed for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. It reminded me of the "Guide To Software Revisions". Read it here. The HTML code has been checked and rechecked, it was viewable offline but when it is uploaded it suddenly stopped working. Added even more Q&A, FAQ, and glossary. Also updated pOS, PIOS, clones page. Separated Infinitiv entries into different pages and moved the A5000 to the Not Released page. Added history of the Amiga and PPC, graphics cards and sound samplers, information on most of the preferences explaining how to use them, etc. Added Randomize systems to the clones page, the new C64: Web.It system and Gold C64, as well as Phase 5's plan to run OS4 and OS5 on the PowerPC platform. Found and included the original contract signed between Amiga Inc. and Atari (see features section). I've decided to move all the advertising for Geocities to the index page in the next version. This makes it easier to alter should I move to another web site. Finally added a web counter and V3 site redirection.


Converted to HTML code using the fantastic g2h program (fantastic by the fact that it did not crash my machine, much.) Redesigned most of the pages using Word 97 and manually got rid of all the rubbish that it produces to make it HTML compliant (paragraphing, etc.) Updated a lot of the information. Reintroduced a number of pictures that were dropped in version 1.1. Added more Q&A, FAQ, pre\box, 68080-based Amiga, comment on Doom-Clones, Launch Games section, converted more stuff to tables.


Last Update: 6/3/2002



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Other interesting items in the archive!



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