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"..For Amiga Inc. we don't "need" the existing community.
Our market is much bigger than just desktops..."
- Fleecy Moss, former Amiga Inc. employee. October 1998

The 4th owner of the Amiga: 1997 - 1999

Gateway managed to possess the Amiga for twice the time of the previous owner, yet did nothing with it. After buying Amiga Technologies in 1997 from the remains of Escom they set about developing a new system based upon the Amiga philosophy of simplicity and efficiency, coupled with close ties to digital TV technology. At the World of Amiga '98 show they announced the Amiga would become a Digital Convergence platform, running upon anything from stereo's to the more traditional computer. The existing 68k and PPC machine was dubbed "Classic Amigas". For a time it looked as if the company would actually develop a new generation of Amiga technology. This was not to be, 1999 was marred by infighting between employees and a reassertion of influence by Gateway led to the cancellation of the hardware. The company was then divided and sections were sold to Amino, who renamed themselves Amiga Corp.

- Gateway History
- Why did Gateway buy the Amiga?
- History of the Amiga
- Bouncing Back- The origins of the Boing Ball
- Joe Torre's Ode to Boing
- Amiga Photo Album
- Eric Schwartz take on the Gateway purchase (62.2k)

Amiga N.G.
- Amiga-based technology developed by the Gateway subsidiary
- Why did Gateway develop an Amiga in name only?
- What is the spiritual ancestor to the Amiga MCC?
- The Evolution of the Amiga NG

Classic Amiga
- Amiga's support for the Classic Amiga market.
- AmigaOS 3.5

Historical Documents

- Gateway make an offer for the Amiga
- Gateway 2000 finalize the deal
- Gateway 2000 simply called Gateway
- Amiga Inc. kick of the Future at World of Amiga 98
- Amiga Announces Partnership with QNX for Next Generation Amiga Architecture
- Fleecy Moss sacked by Amiga Inc.
- QNX-based AmigaOS 5 Q&A
- Response to Gateway interview in the Guardian
- Linux chosen as Amiga kernel
- Introduction to Technical Brief
- Amiga Technical Brief
- Notes from the Amiga R&D team detailing features of the MCC
- Corel announce partnership with Amiga
- Amiga announce partnership with Corel
- Amiga kill the Amiga MCC.
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