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Amiga Interactive Guide: v3.6

First, I would like to make a plea for help. A few months ago an Amiga magazine contacted me regarding the inclusion of AiG on their CoverCD. I've lost all information on the magazine and a contact address. If you are out there, please contact me again.

Now, let's get the show on the road....
The last year has been particularly interesting for Amiga owners. The name is owned by someone who appears to understand the community and has made several interesting announcements regarding their future direction. The current Amiga Inc. have made few mistakes so far, and those have been misunderstandings or obvious flaws. For an Amiga user this is good, but for an Amiga author its awful. The Escom and Gateway period were characterised by stupid decisions that could be criticised and dissected. Bad for the Amiga but it made interesting reading. Now that events are going well there is very little to be critical about. This makes very boring reading! *sigh* C'mon Amiga Inc. make at least one serious mistake!!!!

Ah well. The latest site update is huge - almost 20 megabytes of new material!

Amiga Format
The majority of this data is stored on the Amiga Format page. AF was one of the longest running Amiga magazines, selling 180,000 issues at its peak. However, it was forced to close last year. If you are a former reader, or even if you are not, the Amiga Format Catalogue is an essential read. Every single issue of ST/Amiga Format and over 50 issues of Amiga Format have been scanned so far. More will appear in the next site update.

Amiga DE
The latest Amiga-powered devices have been moved to a separate page. Since the last site update, several new devices, motherboards, and developer boxes have been launched/announced. This section includes the Eyetech EZDEV developer systems, Merlancia, bPlan AmigaOne, Eyetech AmigaOne 1200/4000, & Thendic. Also check out the official Amiga Zico & PDA specifications. Over 10 new Amiga press releases have been added and the Amiga SDK and Amiga DE pages have been updated. The last year in the Amiga market has been analysed. Take a look at The Twists and Turns of the Amiga Saga: 2001

Classic Amiga
In the Classic 68k/PPC section, the recently-launched AmigaOS 3.9 has its own page, and updates/rewrites have been made to the AmigaOS 3.1, AmigaOS 3.5, and AmigaOS 4.0. A new page has been added that documents three 3rd party attempts to save the Amiga market when Gateway/Amiga Inc. killed the MCC in 1999. This is recommended for open source supporters and QNX fans. If you are interesting in this time period or the people involved, take a look at Amiga Players: 1999 and Onwards. More information and graphics have also been added to the CDTV-CR prototype page.

The AROS team have gave special permission for AiG to include a disk image of the latest stable version of x86 AROS. It can be booted from a floppy disk, without the hassle of partitioning the hard drive. Take a look at the AROS page and give it a test drive.

After three years I've finally rewritten and reorganised the PowerPC section. It now contains the history of Amiga PPC, Risc Vs. CiscAmiga PPC operating systems, PPC Amigas & compatibles, and an updated version of the PPC CPU list. Several PPC operating system pages have also been added or updated: MorphOS finally makes an appearance (you would not believe the amount of email I got about its absence!), the PowerOS, Screens, AROS  and TzimmOS pages have also been updated. The CHRP reference was moved from the PowerPC section to the glossary: C page.

In the spirit of updating dead sections, I have finally added another two machines to the DIY Amiga section: Amiga 4000 Drawer and the Mediator Desktop Box. I have several more ideas for this page if I can keep up with the influx of announced Amigas.

Boing ball Boxer shorts.....
The latest in fashion. Strut your funky boing balls with Amiga's latest clothing range. These can be found on the Amiga merchandise page. These items can be bought from the Amiga Mall on Amiga's web site. More Unusual Amiga Items have also been uncovered.

Updates to existing pages
Several new images were added to the Amiga CD32 Gamer, Amiga Computing and Amiga Shopper page. The BoXeR page was changed to mention its loooonnnnngggg delay (this year? Promise?). The Puma/Panther page was redesigned, and the DCE A6000 & TransAM were added to the unreleased list. Also rewrote the "The Bensheimer" A4000T Concept Design and AmigaOS 4 Concept Developer System pages. Changed the eGroups links to Yahoo on the Interactives page. The Amiga Books has received several titles. Does anyone actually care about this feature? E-mail and let me know...



Last Update: 10/3/2002



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