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Amiga Interactive Guide- 5th anniversary edition

Wednesday March 13th, 2002


It is with great pleasure that I present the 5th anniversary edition of AiG. It is difficult to believe that I've been working on this site for five years. Personally it feels like 10 years. However, the calendar doesn't lie. In March 1997 I began work on an Amiga help guide to Workbench 3.0 - a replacement to the original AmigaGuide document that shipped with the Workbench disks. By the end of 1997 AiG had evolved beyond its initial coverage into a guide to Amiga models, expanding to cover prototypes at a later date. Now, after five years, it has almost reached another milestone, the 100MB mark. The entire site is roughly 94MB of text and graphics. I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the site over the years. I hope that AiG will be here for another five years.

To celebrate AiG's fifth anniversary I have uploaded a massive 20MB of new material to the site! You will probably have already noticed the aesthetic differences of the frame navigation window. However, this is just scratching the surface!

Amiga Magazines

The majority of this update is focussed upon the magazine section.

  • I have compiled a complete index of every single issue of Amiga Active - that's 26 issues of Amiga reviews, features, news and Bluey in a handy web guide!
  • The Amiga magazine section has also been expanded with all-new images of several titles and have redone some of the title graphics on some pages.
  • I've also written a small description of the SEAL produced fanzine, Total Amiga.

Amiga: The Next Generation

As usual I have updated several pages with the latest information from Amiga Inc, Eyetech, and several other developers.

Classic Amiga developments:

Amiga History

Those interested in the political workings of the Amiga industry will not be disappointed by many of the items in this site update.


Finally, several sections have been redesigned, rewritten, or altered in some way. The most notable is the BenchPress WB1.3, WB2.0, and 3.0 pages. As you can see below I have also began to archive older site updates. This will improve loading time when accessing this page.



Last Update: 22/6/2002



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Other interesting items in the archive!



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