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Total Amiga
First issue: 28th October 1998 Final issue: -
Publisher: South Essex Amiga Link (SEAL) Coverage: Technical & games
Country published: United Kingdom No. of issues: 10+
Medium: Paper Status: Alive
Web Address: Total Amiga homepage

Total Amiga/Clubbed! differs from the majority of other Amiga magazines reviewed in several aspects. First, it is produced entirely on the Amiga - a rare occurrence that was last seen in Amiga User International and RAM magazine. Second, it is a subscription-based fanzine produced by the South Essex Amiga Link (SEAL) user group. Although many fanzines produce negative connotations regarding their production values and content, it is difficult to distinguish Total Amiga from its newsstand counterparts. As a usergroup effort it gains a unique insight into the Amiga userbase, covering subjects that will be of interest to Amiga users. The writers are also not afraid to cover more technical subjects, presuming that the reader has existing knowledge upon the intricacies of the Amiga. This approach works better for a fanzine than it would for a newsstand magazine, as a result of the wider market appeal that newsstand titles must attract.

In the aftermath of Amiga Active dropping Classic Amiga support, the SEAL team announced several changes to take advantage of this market. The first was a change of name from Clubbed! to Total Amiga. The second is a move from a quarterly to bimonthly publication. Although this will inevitably mean more work for the editor and writers', the absence of a competing UK title will allow Total Amiga to become an important cornerstone of the English speaking market.

For more information on the usergroup, subscription details and PDFs of past issues, visit the SEAL and Total Amiga web site.


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