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My Trip to the OS4 on Tour event; The Big Bash, UK.

Well what can I say, yet another OS4 roadshow event was going to be held and I had to be there! The show itself was organized by The_Editor, and as such was held in his home city of Peterborough. So off I went, booked my train tickets and got myself into a rather cheap B&B and I was all set to go. I decided this time around I would bring a CD32 along since its more of a social party than an OS4 demo and I think the decision was very wise, I had fun with it and I'm sure others did too. I arrived in Peterborough around a quarter to 4 and met up with a fellow IRC friend MacMiggy, we both then set off in search of our B&B's, his was near the train station whereas mine as near the show. It took over an hour to find them both and get booked in, but as soon as we were booked in we headed for the show. Anyway on with the show...

The Show

The show itself was held in a community center come social club, it was very spacious and the bar prices were very, reasonable, which made me happy. We arrived slightly before the opening time of 5:30 so the hall was a bit empty and the organizers were all busy scurrying around setting up, so I headed over to a table, got out my CD32 and proceeded to set it up. By the time I had done that the hall was looking much more lively, most stands were setup and it was looking much more like an Amiga show.

The exhibitors consisted of JurassicCamper and his AmigaOne, MickeyC and the editors PC for shoutcast, Rigo's AmigaOne. Then we had the stellar dreams stand, which was populated with an AmigaOne XE and a collection of sound and graphics cards, next came my CD32. Following on from that we had a stall manned by I believe the_editors brother which was selling lots of interesting little things like fans etc. Then there was the SEAL / Total Amiga stall, with a further 2 more AmigaOne's and a collection of the excellent Total Amiga magazine.

As time past more and more people arrived and I got busy drinking Guinness and chatting to fellow Amiga users, as well as fooling around with my camera and generally taking the Mickey out of anyone and everyone. But don't worry; I was getting the same treatment in return. I would guess I managed to speak with about half the people attending, which was a fair number. I think there was about 50 people attending, which although isn't anything to write home about, it certainly made the show a success in my book.

Rigo put on 2 AmigaOne demonstration that were both filmed by AmigaOne Production so expect some film clips appearing over the coming days. The demos were showing how painless the OS4 install is as well as giving you some insight into the Audio abilities with the likes of Audio Evolution.

I had a chance to play on an AmigaOne again, and it does keep getting better and better. Its quite amazing to think how well its going considering the small number of developers working on the OS. I guess we have all those beta testers out there for the sterling job of bugging (excuse the pun) the coders about bugs ?. In fact, although there was 4 AmigaOnes all running OS4 I never saw any of them crash at all, and I was there from the moment the doors opened until I was kicked out… But that's to say its foolproof already, there are still bugs and kinks that need to be worked out.

Overall conclusion

To rap up yet another report I have to put my hand on my heart and say this show has to be rank up with the good old days of the WoAse shows. It was fantastic. I met a load of great guys, I drank, and I was merry :-) and I'm very much looking forward to other shows like it in the future. I'm confident there will be more.


I would like to publicly thank The_Editor and everyone else involved for putting on such a great show. I'd also like to thank my brother for letting me borrow his Canon A60 digicam, I will get my own soon, hopefully. Thanks also to JohnN for the loan of the CD32, much appreciated. Oh and thank you to ED-209 for buying me a couple of drinks at the bar. I think that's it. If I have forgotten anyone then I apologize but I'm now very tired and looking forward to my bed.

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