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Amiga MCC concept models

Developer: Gateway/Amiga Incorporated
First seen: 1999

Similar to the Walker before it, the MCC (Multimedia Convergence Computer) is a symbol of a specific period in the Amiga history. On this occasion the year was 1999, Gateway owned the Amiga and were using it to create a 'next generation' set-top box that would revolutionise the known world... according to the press announcements. The reality was that the MCC did not actually exist - it was simply a marketing tool used by Jim Collas to demonstrate a demand for a new Amiga and force Gateway to fund a real system (source: Bill McEwen, 2001). Unfortunately the gamble did not work out as planned, Gateway refused to develop the machine and Jim Collas left the company. Soonafter, the MCC was killed and the design was passed to the new independent Amiga Inc., whom sold it to Merlancia Industries on July 29th 2001 for use in their Apocalypse DT and ST series systems.

Although the internal workings of the MCC were false, the external appearance was not. Pentagram, a leading design firm, were commissioned to create a set-top box unit that would blend with the living and bedroom. The result was 12 concept designs, seven of which can be found here, that would take the Amiga brand into the new millennium. The Amiga MCC casework shows the first of these designs to be used.

MCC concept designs

Amiga MCC: Monitor Schematics
Schematics for the Amiga MCC monitor.

MCC unit and monitor

Foam MCC & monitor
Foam mockups of the Amiga MCC & monitor that were shown at the 1999 AmiWest show in Sacramento, California.

MCC unit Foam MCC - Front view
Foam MCC mockup, viewed from the front.
MCC monitor Foam monitor: Front view
A foam model of the MCC monitor. Of particular interest is the Amiga boing ball at the bottom and Amiga logo.
Side view of monitor
MCC unit2

Foam MCC - Top view
The MCC foam model, viewed from above.

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