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Developer: Index Information
Launch date: May 1994

The development of Amiga Clones is only a recent phenomena that began when Escom purchased the Amiga. Even the mighty Sun Microsystems could not persuade Commodore to license the hardware. This created a problem for many businesses that wished to license the hardware for non-computer usage. Index Information, led by Mick Tinker (of BoXeR fame), wished to use the Amiga's multimedia capabilities for point of sale devices. They required a cheap Amiga-based system for their displays at the London Museum of Transport. These devices would be available for the public to use at specific locations. In an attempt to work around the licensing problem, Index Information developed the CD32x - an expansion sold to the professional multimedia market that provided the CD32 console with the interfaces found in 'real' Amigas.

The CD32x is a modular unit that contains a remote control fault detection (using a watchdog timer that monitors hardware and software failures) and volume control. This allows any system or software failure to be detected over a network. The CD32x expansion board features the following interfaces:

  • 2 x Serial ports (one 25-pin and one 9-pin)
  • Parallel port
  • Stereo I/O jacks
  • twin RJ45 network junctions
  • Video compatible RGB port
  • Composite output
  • Amiga floppy disk port
  • SCART connector (mounted at the front of the unit)
  • Memory expansion bus for use of standard SIMMs (4MB maximum)

The system can also have a number of optional extras, such as an internal genlock to mix TV and computer signals and a MPEG card.

Machine and upgrades Peripherals UK Pounds (£), excluding VAT
CD32 (at mid-'94 prices) . 250
Basic CD32x . 450
. With genlock 725
. With MPEG 615
. Both 890


Last Update: 21/6/2002



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