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First issue release date: December 1994 Final issue release date: 1995
Publisher: Paragon Publishing Coverage: Games magazine
Country published: United Kingdom No. of issues: 3
Medium: Paper Status: Dead

To complement the existing CD32 Gamer magazine (or to make even more money if you are cynical enough), Paragon Publishing launched a spin-off title called Amiga CD32 Special. The first edition hardly differed from issue seven of CD32 Gamer. The magazine itself reviewed Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Beneath the Steel Sky, Roadkill, Fields of Glory, Marvin's Marvellous Adventure, Alien Breed and Jungle Strike. There were also previews of Evasive Action and World Cup Gold. As was common at the time, the making of the cover CD was harvested out to Multi Media Machine who gathered software and produced a custom front-end for it. This usually included a few game demos, animation's, shareware, and the best from the demo scene. Apart from the game demos this was mostly shovelware. Fortunately most of it was of high quality, featuring work by Eric Schwartz amongst others. The careful observer would also find a full version of Workbench on the CD, including many libraries from the 1.3 release to allow certain games to work. Even with this added padding the CD hardly took advantage of the storage capacity, barely reaching 100Mb of software on most issues. As the Amiga CD Guide indicates, the special edition CD appeared as such:

Game Demos
Rise of the Robots, Bubble 'n' Squeak, and Wembley International Soccer

MPEG CD32 advert

Fatal Mission, Jar, Klawz, Mr Men Olympics, and Time Runners.

Air Hockey, Bullrun, Entity, Star Base 13, and Star Trek TNG

Duncan Dungbeetle, Korean Conflict, Stop Smoking, Terminal, and Vietnam Conflict.

The only features that distinguished issue 7 of CD32 Gamer and the special edition was the full version of Lamborghini American Challenge sealed in a jewel case. The special edition retailed for 9.99UKP, five pounds more than the plain edition.

Issue 2

The second edition went on sale around April 1995. Rather than being a reprint of CD32 Gamer, issue 2 was a tips special dedicated to the Quik the Thunder Rabbit- a full commercial game that was included on the CD.

View CD32 Gamer Issue 2 (194k) View CD32 Special issue 3 (163K)



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