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Using This Manual

This manual provides operational instructions and reference material for using your Amiga Workbench. If you have never used an Amiga before, read the entire manual to become familiar with the general operations of your Amiga and the Workbench system. Once you learn the basics, this document can serve as a reference tool. If you are already familiar with the Amiga, be sure to read through the manual for new information that you may not know.

Chapter 1. Before You Start:

Chapter 2. Basic Operations:

Chapter 3. Fundaments of Workbench:

Chapter 4. Workbench:

Chapter 5. Preferences:

Chapter 6. Localization:

Chapter 7. Monitors:

Chapter 8. Fonts:

Chapter 9. Printers:

Chapter 10. Other Amiga Programs:

Chapter 11. CrossDOS:

Chapter 12. ED Editor:

Appendix A. Troubleshooting:

Appendix B. Using Floppy-Only Systems:

Appendix C. AmigaGuide:

Appendix D. Special Early Startup Control Options:

Documentation Conventions

The following conventions are used in this manual:


Keywords are displayed in all upper case letters, however, the arguments are not case-sensitive.


Angle brackets enclose variable information that you must supply. In place of <n>, substitute the value, text, or option desired. Do not enter the angle brackets when entering the variable.


Text appearing in the Courier font represents information displayed on your screen.

Key1 + Key2

Key combinations displayed with a + (plus) sign connecting them indicate pressing the keys simultaneously. For example, Ctrl+O means to hold down the Ctrl key and, while holding it down, press O.

Key1, Key2

Key combinations displayed with a comma separating them indicate pressing the keys in sequence. For example, Esc,O,P means to press the Esc key, followed by the O key, and then followed by the P key.

Amiga keys

Two keys on the Amiga keyboard used for special functions. The left Amiga key is to the left of the space bar and is marked with a large solid A. The right Amiga key is to the right of the space bar and is an outlined A.

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