The Commodore® Amiga® line of personal computers offers a unique combination of versatility, computing power, and usability.

By working with the Amiga's easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Workbench interface, any level user - even a beginner - can quickly accomplish tasks or run programs. With Workbench there is no need to memorize long lists of commands. All you have to do is use your mouse to select icons (small pictures that represent tasks) or items from list-like menus to control your Amiga.

Workbench also offers you the freedom to design your own custom system configuration using the Preferences editors and Tools programs provided. You can, for example, create icons and menus for the tasks that you do most. You can fine-tune the system to take ultimate advantage of your Amiga's superior graphics capability.

Workbench lets you work in your own language and use the monetary and numeric symbols with which you are familiar. Through a simple easy-to-follow process, you can display the Workbench in the language of your choice.

Workbench is not only user-friendly and flexible, but it is also extremely powerful. The Workbench takes full advantage of the Amiga's ability to multitask, or run several independent programs simultaneously. By simply clicking on an icon, you can switch between programs when you need to. Not only can programs run at the same time on the Amiga, but they can also share information and computer resources, allowing you to do more work without requiring additional software and memory.

Your Amiga and the Workbench provide you with a powerful tool for work or pleasure. Enjoy it!

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