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Added ScalOS, more info on commands for all versions of WB, more Q+A, FAQ, redesigned Q&A to make it easier to find information on particular areas. Added WB1.3 guide and WB2.1 features. Included UITI Internet machine in Viscorp section, hidden features section. Abandoned to work on the HTML version.

AiG Forever

A special edition of AiG for the release of the Amiga Forever official emulator CD. Added hidden messages article, fixed link bugs, corrected spelling mistakes that suddenly appeared, added more FAQ, Q+A, glossary, added PowerPC stuff, guru guide, changed some information on Amiga International, got rid of Gateway 2000 PC section, added Nova Sector Amiga systems and added new Quikpak developments, plus DCE Computers. Featured on the Amiga Forever v2 official emulator CD


Added more FAQ, Q+A, glossary, datatypes guide, expanded magazine coverage, overhauled Workbench guide into BenchPress, added infinitiv and Index systems, expanded rumour mill, Amiga people, redesigned AiG and altered the aim of the guide to provide as much info as possible. Changed most of the internal links to something more meaningful. Added Smiley guide, changed BenchPress "OS3 advanced features" into the Amiga QuickGuide, added future of Amiga, Commodore and Amiga history. Plus LOADS MORE! Featured on Amiga Format issue 105, AFCD21 (Chrimbles 1997) and the January 1998 edition of CU Amiga (SuperCD 18).


Last Update: 6/3/2002


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