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Small Body, Great Content – New Hand-Held PC

For Paying, Calling, Surfing, And More….

Thendic Electronic Components GmbH

Presents Flexible Mobile Computer Terminal

Aschaffenburg, Germany, March 2001. With its newly developed hand-held PC, German-based terminal producer Thendic Electronic Components GmbH offers one device for a variety of solutions: paying by smart card and magnetic-stip, registering data, making phone calls, surfing the internet, – these are only few of the requirements met by the company's small mobile terminal to be released at the CeBIT 2001. The first version of the lightweight and energy-efficient hand-held PC is specifically developed for B2B solutions. It perfectly adapts to the individual needs of the respective business customer. Running the Windows CE operating system, it is equipped with a touchscreen display, several smart card reading units, magnetic strip and a variety of PCMCIA interfaces and optional a bar code scanner – to mention only the most prominent features. By plugging in a small headset, the mini-PC easily turns into a fully-fledged mobile phone. A modified, consumer-oriented version of the terminal will be released in march 2002 under the reactivated label of Amigaä DE.

Due to its flexibility, Thendic's hand-held PC can be used in numerous trades and businesses. The forwarding trade is a good example: Routes can easily be planned with the help of the mobile terminal. The optional integrated GPS makes sure that the carrier is always kept informed of the position of his lorry, which he can redirect via SMS. The data of the goods to be transported are registered with the optional barcode scanner and transmitted via the also integrated GSM modem. When receiving the goods, the customer instantaneously gets a printed invoice and pays by card.

Restaurants, bars and hotels supply further evidence of the flexibility of Thendic's computer terminal. The waiter uses it to register and print the guest's orders to be handed in at the bar or the kitchen. Additional orders can be transmitted directly from the customer's table by DECT. Again, the bill is settled comfortably and without delay by card. The wide range of further potential users of the mobile terminal includes express companies, doctors, the police, insurance companies, craftsmen and taxi drivers.

Containing a variety of internal interfaces, Thendic's Windows CE terminal is prepared for applying future technologies like signature by fingerprint. The consumer version will be operating with the data transmission standards currently being developed, first GSM/GPRS, later on UMTS. Thus, Thendic is offering a fully-fledged, hand-held-sized PC that can also be used as a cash terminal and a mobile phone – jack-of-all-trades has finally entered the computer market ...
The most important features of the Windows CE terminal:

  • 200 MHz CPU
  • 32 MB SDRAM
  • 16 MB Flash memory on board (extendable to 512 MB)
  • High Speed Easyload printer
  • 1 smart card reader unit, (and 1 unit optional) ISO 7816
  • 1 magnetic strip reader track 1/2/3
  • Touchscreen display
  • 2 COM and 1 PCMCIA interfaces, (thus DECT (Option), later on bluetooth possible, 1 USB, 2 PS/2.
  • GSM built in Modem
  • Barcode scanner optional
  • Transponder Read- and write unit optional
  • Finger print reader optional (Okt. '01)
  • Weight: ca 1lb
  • Price: 900,00 Euros to 2.000,00 Euros, depending on the respective equipment
  • Operating System: Windows CE 3.0



Last Update: 12/6/2002



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