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Merlancia Press Release #MIND05112002


5th November 2002

Merlancia Industries
9034 N 23rd Avenue, Ste 2
Phoenix, AZ 85021 USA

1-977-53-AMIGA | ++1 602-789-0956 |

Merlancia Industries Open Letter to the Amiga, Merlancia, and MorphOS Community

Greetings Community members,

It has come to my attention that there has been talk of our offices closing and/or vanishing and several people were wondering what has happened.

Please be advised that we are NOT going out of business. Our offices are simply being located to a different location.

We have notified any clients that have systems in for service, as well as anyone that might need our new address for billing/payment reasons (e.g AmigaZone members and web customers) of this about a week ago. We will shortly have a photo walkthrough, (and possibly a QuicktimeVR walkthrough) of the new offices for everyone to look at.

Our new location is larger, as well as being a newer buliding and better location. Merlancia clients will be receiving an invitation to an office party coming up shortly, as well as a conference on our new systems with demonstrations and other promotions.

A press release will follow in the next few days on all of this.

The new address of our Phoenix offices is: Merlancia Industries
9034 N 23rd Ave, Ste 2
Phoenix, AZ 85021
United States of America

Our telephones will be switched over by 9th November 2002 (per Qwest estimates..) and our toll free number should be online at the same time, or if not, then by the week following (per AT&T). (Please note that the toll free line is for ordering products only, not for technical questions. Technical questions will no longer be handled on the toll free number.)

The newer location is located right across from the Phoenix DeVry Technical Institite, two doors down from TriTek Electronics. The building is about 15 years newer than our prior location, and is much better suited for our present and future needs. This is part of an ongoing expansion process, as outlined last year, we plan to add locations in the UK as well, when they prove to be needed (e.g. once we have retail products shipping).

We are also currently leasing part of the former Commodore building in Germany, and we may be adding offices elsewhere in the next year or two. As the expression goes "Movin' on up..".

The official launch date of our new offices is 13th November 2002. Until that date, they are open to staff only. Please feel free to stop by after the 13th, if you are interested in any of our products, or any Amiga products, and look for photo and QT-VR walkthroughs coming soon.

Thank you for your intrest in Merlancia Industries.

Ryan E A Czerwinski - CEO Merlancia Industries, Inc.


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