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Or, things that can't be placed anywhere else.

The A1000
The A1000 casing featured the signatures of all the designers and the paw print of Jay Miner's dog moulded into the inside of the casing. When it was demonstrated at the CES show in 1984 it was just 4 breadboards cabled together. They were so fragile each board had its own seat on the plane to Chicago. According to rumour it was going to include a phone answering machine built in, but Commodore decided it would be too expensive to fund.


Hold And Modify
The HAM mode which gave the original Amiga it's 4,096 colour display was an experiment by Jay Miner after seeing flight simulators in action. He wanted it to be similar to virtual reality machines.


Amiga Alphabet
Somebody noticed on the Internet that the owners of Amiga seem to be following a pattern.
  • Amiga Inc
  • Commodore
  • Escom
  • Gateway
If only Amiga Corp. would change their name to iAMIGA!

Even in its dying years the Amiga has caused controversy. At the end of 1996 a PD game called "Schoolyard Slaughter" attracted attention, because it was disrespectful of the Dunblane tragedy earlier in the year.


Name Game
The Amiga is Spanish for "female friend."


Microsoft did not own MS-DOS originally. It was a CP/M clone called QDOS (Quick and dirty Disk operating System). It was then brought off the author for a very small sum and the rest is history.


Oy! Dave NO!!!
David Pleasance still owes me 1 pence for a Amiga CD³² umbrella I bought at the World of Amiga '96 show, because he "didn't have any change". Tut tut.


Microsoft now own the LZX file compression format after buying it from its author, who is reputed to be working for them. It is being adopted for Microsoft's new CAB file compression format. The second generation LZX algorithm can be found in Microsoft's Carbarc.EXE program.

Sales Figures
Think that Commodore completely messed up the sale of the Amiga? OK, it could have done better but it was hardly a complete failure. Amiga sales had reached the 2,000,000 mark by November 1990 and 3,000,000 exactly a year later in November 1991. Yes, that's right 1 million Amigas sold in just one year! Hard to believe isn't it.


Worried that your A1200 can no longer cut it. Well the HAM8 mode is so advanced that NO MONITOR in the entire world can display the maximum amount of pixels that are available, and that include all those PC and Mac monitors.


Commodore Liquidation Facts
The creditor that caused the liquidation was Banque Nationale de Paris, on April 25th, 1994 when they made a formal demand upon CIL (Commodore International Ltd) for payment of its debts. Among the products for sale, There was a 2 page listing of what was not available. This included:
  • Commodore UK's trademark on "Maggot Mania"
  • Commodore France patent on a device for opening and closing fluidtight doors
  • Commodore's former patent on their digital thermometer and thermostat
  • Commodore's intellectual property and their CDTV/CD³² software licences are valued at $12,000. Commodore has the CDTV trademarked five times in Japan.
  • The only listed inventory of completed machines made by Commodore is about 3,300 CD32's valued at $22.50 each.


Amiga Inc.
The original Amiga Inc team (not to be confused with the Gateway subsidiary) partly financed themselves selling joysticks. One of these was the Joyboard, which was controlled by your body weight, similar to the arcade skiing games you found nowadays. One designer, who was in charge of designing the systems error handling routines, made it a habit of "meditating" on the board, and thus creating the Guru Meditation error whenever the system crashed. This was a popular hobby when the team were bug fixing, so the software failure screen suggested that the OS "Guru" and go "meditate" on it.


According to Cassell`s dictionary of English Slang (German Edition), a Kosh is a metal pipe used as an impromptu weapon, as in street fighting.

It`s true. It may also explain why Kommunity begins with a K for reasons other than Fleecy and Jason can`t spell very well.



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