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AmigaOS 4.0 Preview Screenshots

Developer: Hyperion and others
Shown: 22nd April onwards

Set 1: 22nd April.

In the first set of screenshots, Hyperion highlight the different customisation options available without the need for 3rd party patching. Bill McEwan's introduction to the screenshots (22/04/2002).


The menus shown below are Intuition's native menu system, not MagicMenu or any other patch.

Menu 1 Default Menus with shadow
Menu 2 Xen-Style menus
Menu 3
Rounded Menus with transparency and shadows
Menu 4 Backfilled menu with transparency and shadow. Note the typeface used in the CU Amiga logo
Menu 5 XEN-Style menus with transparency
Menu 6 Rounded menu with backfill and shadow


Screen 2 Transparent menus
Screen 2 Palette Editor
Screen 3 More menus
Screen 4 Rounded transparent menus and default scrollbars
Screen 5 Customized ASL windows
Screen 6 Different menus

Set 2: 29th May 2002

The second set of screenshots focussed upon the HDToolBox replacement for AmigaOS 4. The project, developed by Andrea Vallinotto, was originally codenamed 'SlamPrep' before gaining the official title, 'HDSCSIToolkit'.

Prep 1 The device selection window
The main HD prep window
Prep 3 New drive install, expert mode
Prep 4 New drive install, normal mode
The partitioning window. Each filesystem has its own colour
Prep 6 Partition details window, expert mode
Prep 7 Partition details window, normal mode
Prep 8 Filesystem management, expert mode
Prep 9 Filesystem management, normal mode
Prep 10 SCSI Utilities (expert mode only), page 1
Prep 11 SCSI Utilities (expert mode only), page 2
Prep 12 SCSI Utilities (expert mode only), page 3
Prep 13 SCSI Utilities (expert mode only), Mode Pages editing

Set 3: 27th July, 2002

The third set of screenshots had already appeared a few days earlier in an OSNews report. These shots were intended to demonstrate the improvements to Reaction for AmigaOS 4.0

GUI preferences and TCP/IP setup GUI preferences and TCP/IP setup
More menus More menus
Palette preferences Palette preferences
HD Toolbox HD Toolbox
Program requesters Program requesters

Set 4: 6th September, 2002

The fourth screenshot set promoted the upgraded AmiDock application. The 'application dock' has a long history on the Amiga, but AmiDock's inclusion in OS3.5 and subsequent releases caused some criticism. These arguments suggested that the dock was a second rate access method that took valuable desktop estate. In OS4.0 these criticisms will be laid to rest with several new features that will subtly change how a person uses their Amiga. In response to criticism of earlier screenshot sets, Amiga Inc. provided higher quality images, resulting in a dramatic rise in bandwidth usage on Amiga's servers. The descriptions below are taken directly from the Amiga site (hence the sales pitch).

AmiDock 1 AmiDock is a completely redesigned version of OS3.9's AmiDock.
There were a lot of improvements in terms of usability, loading-speed and optical feedback. The most important addition to AmiDock is the new Docky-System which allows active content within docks. Active content is provided in form of PlugIns called Dockies. Unfortunately, in this still picture you can't see that the Boing-Ball is spinning and the Lens always follows the mouse and displays the area below the mouse pointer magnified in the dock. The Docky-System is very powerful and allows a docky to fully control AmiDock. For example, the \"Lens.docky\" expands itself to a much bigger view (this automatically expands the dock) when you double click it. This way you can get a bigger lens when you want to see more...
AmiDock 2 A very often requested feature is now also available: Sub-Docks.
AmiDock now lets you easily add sub-docks, while each of them can be again fully customized. In this picture, the "Graphics"-icon opens and closes the sub-dock above.
AmiDock 3 Did you hate to always have a large dock on your screen?
Well, then perhaps the new "Minimizer.docky" is for you. As soon as you dropped it into a dock, the corresponding dock shrinks to its drag-bar and consumes only very little space. To unshrink the dock, you only have to move your mouse-pointer over the drag-bar and you will immediately get your dock in full size!
AmiDock 4 Text- and Button-style docks
Some people don't want to use icons for toolbars. For this reason, AmiDock now supports also Text and Button-style docks as seen in this picture.
AmiDock 5 Customizeed buttons
For complete freedom of customization you can now make your own graphics-buttons. AmiDock will use them instead/additionally to icons...
AmiDock 6 Full-featured taskbar
The power of AmiDock expands with the new application.library included with OS4.0! AmiDock is now a fully-featured task-bar and shows all running OS4-applications in the Masterdock. In this picture, the application "TestApp" is currently running.
AmiDock 7 Icons, Animations and Pictures
Add your favorite comic-characters, photos and animations to AmiDock using the included Dockies!
AmiDock 8 Refined layout engine
AmiDock's refined layout engine has no problems with very tiny icons.

AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event, 17th September 2002

As the various sections of AmigaOS 4.0 are completed, more demonstrations are to be expected. At the O.A.S.E. 2002 in Graz, several new OS4 applications and libraries were demonstrated. This included:

intuition.library V50.12, layers.library V45, Picasso96 (without fastlayers patch!! not needed under OS4), roadshow TCP/IP stack (+smbfs), envoy3, and AmiDock (latest release). The Media Toolbox, GUI Prefs, and new Palette Prefs were also shown. These were running on three different machines -

  • a Mirage 4000D with a CSPPC-604/233,060/50 (80MB RAM), Mediator 4000D PCI, Voodoo3/3000, FastEthernet RTL8139, SB128, TV-Card (PCTV Studio Rave), Thylacine & Highway USB (15" TFT)
  • Elbox A1200T BPPC603/160,040/25, MediatorPCI, Voodoo3/3000, RTL8139 FastEthernet, RTL8029 10MBit Ethernet, SB128.
  • A4000D CS-060/50, FastIDE-Z3, PicolloSD64, 80MB RAM, Highway USB, Norway 10 MBit Ethernet (15" TFT)
New GUI preferences New GUI preferences
A blank canvas A mix of OS3.9 and OS4.0 features
Menus Pretty OS4 menus and demonstration of clipboard.
OS4 Clippy Demonstration of OS4 Clippy and really long filenames
OS4 Media Tools1 OS4 Media Tools
OS4 Media Tools2 Another shot of drive media tools
OS4 Windows A mix of icons styles

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous screenshots revealed by their respective authors that do not fit in with the Amiga/Hyperion official screenshots update.

TCP Wizard The connection wizard for the OS4 'Roadshow' TCP/IP stack
Amidock OS4 developer version of Amidock. Currently seen running on OS3.9


Last Update: 8/8/2002

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