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Developer: Individual Computers
Project start date: October 2005
First Demonstration: AmiWest 2006, October 21st 2006
Completion date: 2008

Clone-A is the third FPGA-based Amiga clone to be announced. Unlike the previously announced MiniMig and NatAmi that reimplement the Amiga hardware using existing documentation, Individual Computers are working to reverse engineer the Amiga Original ChipSet (OCS) and replace them with FPGA boards. The approach opens the possibility of "Frankenstein" systems, in which Amigas may operate with a combination of the original chipset and the the FPGA re-implementation that will inter-communicate. In its current version [October 2006], the project team has replaced the Denise, Gary, Paula chips, as well the CIA. Work is underway to replace the Agnus chip.


An initial version of the Clone-A FPGA-based hardware is working on an upgraded Amiga 500 motherboard, equipped with a 68000 processor and 2MB Chip RAM.

Possible uses

In an interview with Total Amiga magazine (#25), Jens Schoenfeld outlined several products that could be produced using the Clone-A technology:

  • An Amiga mini-ITX board equipped with an extended chipset, 2MB+ Chip RAM and faster blitter
  • A Classic Amiga board
  • A daughterboard for any mainboard (Amiga, PC, Mac, etc.)
  • An A500-in-a-joystick

Web Links

Total Amiga: An interview with Jens Schoenfeld


Last Update: 12/12/2006



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