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Amiga OE Classes

The key to Amiga Inc's plans to revolutionise the world was the level of interconnection between devices. The company realised that it would be wasteful to create a personal stereo that would use the full hardware of a personal computer, so two levels of Amiga OE compatibility were defined, simply called Class One and Class Two.

Class One

The Class One device is limited in its compatibility with the Amiga OE. It is able to use devices intended for the full Amiga OE environment and able to communicate and run most Amiga software. Software designed for Class One devices was planned to be generic allowing it to be compiled under other operating systems, such as the standard Linux distribution. It is likely two of the planned Class One devices would include an x86 version of AmigaSoft as well as a PPC version for Classic Amigas. These would be limited in their use unless certain hardware is present on the machine. Nevertheless the promise of Classic Amiga PPC support did create a greater confidence in the current Amiga technology, particularly the PowerPC market that, at one point, looked as if it would be killed off completely.

Class Two

Class Two will indicate the hardware has full compatibility with Amiga OE systems, ranging from PDA's to full Workstations. Amiga Format indicated that any devices offering Class Two performance will either be built or licensed by Amiga themselves. Class Two will be able to run AmigaSoft native code that accesses custom hardware through device drivers. The announced Amiga MCC was the only product demonstrated that would have been capable of Class Two.

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