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Commodore 64: Web.It

In 1996 Escom went into liquidation and its assets were sold. Commodore and the Amiga once again were auctioned. The Amiga was sold to Gateway 2000 and Escom Netherlands bought the rights to the Commodore trademark, renaming theirselves Commodore NL. Unfortunately, the Commodore curse struck again as financial troubles loomed and they were bought by Tulip. Like Gateway, they allowed an open-licencing policy resulting in Web Computers International developing new systems under the Commodore banner. On August 26th 1998, they unveiled the first Commodore 64 machine to be made in 5 years.

Web.It logo

Web.It machine

The new C64 is based around MS-DOS and the internet as standard. The new machine retains compatibility with original CBM 64 software through the use of a software emulator. Whilst the exact emulator included is unknown, the emulator will allow the use of hundreds of games that can be downloaded from the internet. The Web.It system is expected to retail at around £400.

16Mb RAM (upgradable to 32 Mb)
16Mb ROM 
2 MB Flash memory 
AMD ELAN SC405 66-100MHz
Floppy Disk Drive
3.5" 1.44 Mb floppy drive
Operating System
MS-DOS V7, Windows 3.1. Adds Y2K compatibility and Euro currency features.
RS-232 Serial Interface
Printer Port 
PCMCIA slot (1 x Type III or 2 x Type II) LI
Infrared Port for external devices like keyboard Game / MIDI port for joystick or MIDI keyboard Line in/line out/Mic In
Phone line connector 
Display facilities
Connection to monitor, TV (PAL or NTSC) using scart connection, or projector.
16-bit stereo FM sound
56k flex V34/V90 Rockwell modem 
Input devices
Integrated ergonomic 86-keys keyboard 
Integrated touch-/pen pad 
TCP/IP communication dialer,
Netscape NAVIGATOR browser and E-mail program,
Lotus AmiPro (word processor),
Lotus 123 (spreadsheet),
Lotus Organiser,
Commodore 64 emulator.


Web Computers International

Web Computer

Web Computers International was founded in 1998 to develop a new standard in the Home Computer industry, combining existing technology, as well as the talents of IBM, Lotus, Aztech Systems, AMD, and Phoenix, and aiming it towards a particular market. It is a Dutch Antilles based company with a branch office in Antwerp, Belgium. This is reflected in the development of the Web.It system, including standards such as MS-DOS and Windows and removing the need for other non-essential parts that would usually increase the price of the standard PC.

They can be contacted by writing to:

Web Computers International AEC
Antwerp Branch
Lange Lozanastraat 176-182
B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Or e-mail them at info@webcomputers.net

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