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Developer: Genesi
Announced: February, 2003
Price: Unknown
Launch: Unknown


One of 4 Pegasos bundles to be announced by Genesi. The 'Psylent' is an evolutionary step from the CDTV and MCC - a set-top box that is suitable for the living room. Based upon existing evidence, the machine will be marketed as a digital hub capable of handling a wide range of multimedia data. The promotional material describe the following capabilities:

  • Enjoy movies with the DVD player.
  • Listen to music with the CD player.
  • Listen to the radio.
  • Interact by playing games or veg out with the TV tuner.
  • Got MP3's? You can listen to them as well.
  • Import, store and view your photos.
  • Edit your photos, then attach a printer and you can print them.
  • Connect to the internet where you can chat, e-mail, browse the web and play online games.
  • Call in color with the built in video phone.
  • Hook up your video camera then create your own movies with the video editor.
  • Store your movies, music and photos with the built in CD burner.

It remains to be seen if the Psylent will be able to gain a foothold in this market. Major PC players such as Gateway and Fujitsu have failed with their PC-based multimedia boxes. At the other side of the market DVD players are gradually improving, spawning many of these features for lower cost. If the Psylent is too succeed, it is likely to require a "killer app" such as TiVO-like TV recording, to succeed.

Additional References
PegasosPPC: Psylent


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