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Amiga Game Zone

First issue release date: 1994 Final issue release date:1996
Publisher: Geoff Miller Coverage: Game
Country published: USA & Canada No. of issues: 3
Medium: Paper Status: Dead
Web Address:
Idiot Savant

Amiga Game Zone was America's last Amiga games magazine, publishing three issues a year from 1994 - 1996. It was the brainchild of Geoff Miller who wrote on a part time basis while he was studying at the University of Illinois. The magazine could not compare to the likes of Amiga Power or The One Amiga, it was only 46 pages, but it filled a niche market. The US Amiga publications did not compare very well to their UK and German rivals. Circulation was not fantastic, around 1,000 subscribers, and an additional 4,000 copies for news-stand distribution. At the time competition between Amiga magazines was quite fierce but Amiga Game Zone refused to fall into the trap of regarding the magazine as a full-time job. Before its death in 1996 Geoff Miller contacted Amiga Power asking for help getting software to review and games for the coverdisk.

Amiga Game Zone was an interesting magazine that came along during a strange period of the Amigas history. The Amiga scene was barely alive in the US yet the one-man effort (along with a few contributors) managed to keep the Amiga games market alive for a bit longer. Few people would be able to publish a professional quality magazine yet Geoff Miller was able to do this for two years. An impressive feat!

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View Amiga Game Zone Issue 1 (32.4k)
View Amiga Game Zone Issue 2 (33.1k)
View Amiga Game Zone Issue 3 (22.1k)



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