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Amiga Inc. and Haage & Partner announce a path towards the future

February 11, 2000 - Maple Valley, WA Amiga Inc and Haage& Partner are pleased to announce a full and long term strategic partnershipdesigned to benefit both the classic Amiga, and the Amigas of the future.

'This announcement gives us particular pleasure' said Bill McEwen, CEOand President of Amiga, Inc. 'Haage and Partner are one of the pillarsof the Amiga community and have done much to see it survive through thelast five years. Now, in partnership we can not only ensure a smooth andhopefully seamless transition for the classic community, but finally moveforwards to take advantage of, and define the technology of tomorrow.'

'We have stood by the Amiga for many years because it is a wonderfulplatform.' said Markus Nerding, a Managing Director of Haage & Partner.'Having taken a look at the new plans and technologies being worked onby Amiga Inc, we are impressed with how they have managed to capture thespirit of the classic Amiga and move it forwards. We will work with themto ensure compatibility with the classic software and to move the Amigaforwards with exciting new products.'

Amiga Incorporated is dedicated to the development, design, and implementationof components, services, and models that support the digital experienceof tomorrow. Amiga lead the world into the multi-media experience in theearly 80's, and will lead it into the Digital content universe of the future.They can be reached at 425-413-2620, or via the web at www.Amiga.com orwww.Amiga.de.

Haage&Partner is the leading manufacturer of development systemsand applications for the Amiga family of computers. The Storm series for68K and PowerPC provides a powerful suite of programming tools. Their missionis to provide the Amiga market with the most effective tools and applications possible.

They can be contacted at HAAGE & PARTNER Computer GmbH, SchlossbornerWeg 7, 61479 Glashuetten, Germany, Phone: +49 - 6174 - 966 100, Fax: +49- 6174 - 966 101, http://www.haage-partner.com

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