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Big Bash 3 - Revenge of the Editor!

Although originally I hadn't planned on going to BB3 because I chose to go to AmiGBG instead I somehow managed to convince myself I should go if only to show my support. Lucky for me I did go because as usual it was a great day, although a little disappointing in areas.

This year took more planning than the last 2 because I was exhibiting much more than at the previous 2 shows, I had set myself a fair sized task. I had an A4000 running OS4 on display, an A1200 running OS4, another A4000 running OS3.9 and a CD32 with a good selection of games for people to play on. On my tables we also had a microA1-C running the latest beta OS4 and another A1200 running OS3.9. Oh and also a couple of laptops. This meant a lot of wires, plugs and sockets. This year I was also exhibiting on behalf of and my new user group, the Scunthorpe Amiga Group.

We (Robert, Michael, Mark Tanz and I) arrived around 11:30am to find, unlike last year people were already around setting up. I had one table laid out waiting for me, however I had requested 3, but that wasn't a problem, I just commandeered 2 more tables and within the space of around 40 minutes we were all set ready to go. By this point the hall was already flooding with exhibitors and people, so much so in fact I was beginning to wonder if everyone would fit in. Luckily I think everyone just about managed to find themselves some table space and get themselves setup.

From the top of my head I think there were our 3 tables exhibiting, then Raoul with his A1200 and XE with a whole host of Amiga stuff for sale. Then there was a Pegasos on show followed by the Total Amiga tables. After them there was one more table, whom I don't recall followed by the Felbrigg (I bet I didn't get that right!) user group table. Round on the next wall was Stellar Dreams with one XE for sale, and a bunch of NOS A1200's and CD32's followed by AmigaKit. AmigaKit had so much stuff they couldn't fit half of it on their allotted tables! Was nice talking to them. Next came the MAG user group table and then into the centre of the hall there was Amber Inc on the smallest table of all (serves you guys right for arriving late :-P) and then right in the centre of the room was DaCrow and a the bring and sell tables, which were heaped up with all kinds of old Amiga stuff.

I spent a great amount of time trying to convince people that it was okay to sit and have a go on the computers we (the Scunthorpe Amiga Group) had brought along, most people refusing saying "I might break it", their loss I say :. But it was fun trying. I got to talk to a few new faces and most of the old faces too. I had a nice long chat to 2 old brummies; sorry that I've forgotten your names and I also had a bit of a chat with Amber Inc.

By about 2pm I'd say the hall was full to bursting point with about 80 people in attendance, the internet was up and everything was rocking along smoothly, except of course for the shout cast stream, but that didn't bother those who attended I don't think, we were all far too busy enjoying ourselves, chatting to one another, leisurely wondering around having a look at what was on offer and having a nice drink in the bar waiting for the finger buffet to open (could of just been me waiting, I was starving!) At 3:30 the buffet opened and I made sure I made the most of it, all the food was very nice so thanks to whomever was involved in the preparation and purchasing for it.

In terms of what was new on show, it was a little disappointing. Unbeknown to myself Simon Archer was demonstrating his OS4 touch screen driver, I wish I had known, I would of liked to of had a go myself. Also Troika was a no show, which was most disappointing. Apparently they couldn't source all the components needed to make the prototype or something. In my opinion one of the representatives should have showed up regardless. But still with Guru Meditation now joining forces with them it adds some credibility to the whole project.

At 5:30 the raffle was drawn, my heart was racing although I wasn't as stupid as I was at BB2; I only bought 3 strips of raffle tickets at 4 a strip. Up for grabs was a microA1, a 17" TFT, 100GB HDD and ImageFX4. I prayed to win 1st prize but luck yet again failed me. However it did go to my good friend Michael, who really deserved to win it. 2nd prize went to another friend of mine, Robert. 3rd went to someone I've not met before who goes by the name of TCD and I forget who scooped up 4th. Thankfully no ungrateful people won anything at the raffle.

Once the raffle was over those who were staying on for the takeaway and knees up went off to order their food and we set about packing up, which took about an hour and by 6:30 we were ready to head home. I felt totally exhausted and I must admit a little disappointed in myself for not winning, still there's always next time:.

All in all it was a good event, things ran fairly smoothly and I will more than likely attend the next event, whenever it will be. I'd like to thank the organisers for putting on the show, Robert and Michael for assisting me to get to the show and for the loan of the A4000. And thank you to everyone who spoke to me, here's to next year!

Stay tuned to the SCAG website for news of our 2006 show, which will be in late April / Early May time.
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