The Commodore® Amiga® line of personal computers offers a unique combination of versatility, computing power, and usability. The fast, multitasking Amiga operating system allows users at any level of experience to take advantage of their system's resources.

AmigaDOS its the Amiga Disk Operating System. A disk operating system is software that manages data manipulation and control on the computer, such as:

Providing an interface to peripheral devices, such as printers and modems

AmigaDOS provides a Command Line Interface (CLI), which means that you work with it through typed commands. Some of these commands parallel familiar Workbench operations, such as Copy, Rename, and Format Disk. There are also advanced commands that allow you to create scripts for performing repetitive tasks, to monitor the use of memory, and to perform other tasks unavailable through the Workbench. The commands are entered through a special window, known as a Shell window. Shell windows open on the Workbench screen and are similar to other Workbench windows, except that Shell windows only display text.

Together AmigaDOS and the Amiga Shell offer you a powerful and flexible operating environment with these features.

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