ARexx, the Amiga® counterpart of the IBM REXX programming language, provides the freedom to customize your work environment. It is especially useful as a scripting language which allows you to control and modify applications and to direct how they interact with each other.

This manual introduces you to ARexx, tells you have to create ARexx programs, and provides a reference section of ARexx commands.

Chapter 1. Introducing ARexx: This chapter gives an overview of ARexx, how it works on the Amiga, and the basic features of the programming language.

Chapter 2. Getting Started: This chapter tells you where to store your ARexx programs, how to execute an ARexx program, and provides several programming examples.

Chapter 3. Elements of ARexx: This chapter details the rules and concepts that make up the ARexx programming language.

Chapter 4. Instructions: This chapter contains an alphabetical listing of ARexx instructions, which are language statements that dictate an action.

Chapter 5. Functions: This chapter describes the use of functions, which are program statements used by ARexx, and provides an alphabetical listing of the built-in ARexx functions.

Chapter 6. Debugging: This chapter focuses on the source-level debugging features used in the development and testing of programs.

Chapter 7. Parsing: This chapter explains how to extract patterns of information from strings.

Chapter 8. WB-ARexx-Port: This chapter explains how to use the Workbench ARexx port.

Appendix A. Error Messages: This appendix lists the ARexx error messages.

Appendix B. Command Utilities: This appendix lists the ARexx commands that can be run from the Shell.

Glossary. The glossary contains common ARexx terms.

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