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AmigaOS4 Feature Set: Release 1

January 13, 2003 - Snoqualmie, WA

Amiga is pleased to publish this first version of the feature set of the up and coming AmigaOS4.0. The document will undergo revision in subsequent issues but because of the massive demand for information made by the public, we have decided to release it in its current state.

Due to the large amount of work and the obvious technical nature of OS development, the document is both considerable in size, laden with jargon and, to save download time, diagrams have not been included.

For those using older Amiga based PDF viewers, there may be a few minor issues with displaying the front page graphics but this is due to issues with these viewers. On official PDF viewers, and on the new AmigaOS4.0 viewer, the document is rendered true.

Amiga would like to thank both those in the AmigaOS4.0 project team, who have worked on this project with passion and commitment and those who have patiently waited for their favourite platform to bloom once again. It has been a huge undertaking and no one company, entity or person can take the credit. It has been a fantastic demonstration of what makes the Amiga platform so special, the coming together of like minds to build something extraordinary.

AmigaOS4.0. The legend continues.

Click here to download/view the AmigaOS4 Feature Set PDF
[Please note: A HTML copy of the feature list can be viewed on the Amiga site - Gareth]
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